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   Chapter 162 A Lifetime Friend

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"Open your mouth like you're told, or it will hurt!" A man grabbed Rachel's head with a bottle of liquid in his hand.

He forced Rachel's mouth open and poured the liquid into it. Rachel looked up at the ceiling desperately. She knew there was nothing she could do now, and closed her eyes slowly. She felt the cold liquid running down her throat.

Rachel heard them walk out and slam the door.

Rachel and Daniel were locked alone together in the room. It was completely dark inside except for tiny cracks of light coming in through the sealed window.

"Daniel, are you okay?" Rachel asked. She opened her eyes and stood up in the dark. She reached out to Daniel, who was still lying on the ground, and helped him stand on his feet. Noticing that there was a small bed on the other side of the room, she helped Daniel there.

"Fine, I'm fine. These injuries are nothing, I can still breathe, " Daniel gasped. He leaned against the wall and rubbed his chest with his hand. They had hit him heavily on his chest just now.

Seeing Daniel joke while he was in so much pain made Rachel cry, but she wiped her tears away before they could fall from her eyes and murmured, "Thank you, Daniel. For everything."

Rachel knew that Daniel hadn't had to stay with her. He could have run away the moment they had been found, but he didn't. He stayed with her and protected her as much as he could.

"Look at you. Don't thank me again. I didn't do this for you, I did it for Hiram, understand? You owe me nothing, " he said gently. He could hear Rachel weeping.

Rachel shook her head and looked at Daniel through her tears. "No, stop lying to me. I know you did all this for me, and I know you were serious about what you said on Cliff Mountain, even if I thought it was a joke then."

Rachel wasn't sensitive, but she was smart. She knew Daniel had a crush on her, and she told him she knew about it, because she also knew that they might not ever leave this room.

Daniel turned his head away after hearing Rachel's words. He smiled and said, "So what? Even if I was serious, I know I don't deserve you. I'm a playboy and I hang out with all kinds of women. You're too decent for me."

After learning that Rachel had been kidnapped, Daniel felt like he would go crazy if he couldn't see her anymore. He started to realize that he couldn't continue to hide his feelings for her.

At that very moment, all kinds of desperate ideas crossed his mind. He would do anything to get her out of this situation.

"Don't, Daniel, don't talk like this. I used to think you were a bad person, but I've changed my mind now. You

his way to her, she took a deep breath of relief.

"Take them out! No, punch the crap out of them!" Chad shouted, moving aside to make room for them.

The well-trained soldiers punched those men directly on their knees before dragged them out.

"Sorry we're late, Rachel! Hiram's gone after Zachary himself. Realizing that things aren't going as he expected, that old man is trying to escape!" explained Chad.

He strode over to them.

"Daniel, buddy, are you okay?" he asked, seeing Daniel still holding Rachel in his arms.

Daniel raised his head and glanced at Chad weakly. "You should try this later, buddy! Let six men punch you at the same time and see if you can still get up by yourself.

Come and help me up, you idiot! I think my bones are broken."

"OK! OK!"

Chad said, smiling and helping him up. He knew that if Daniel could joke with him, it meant that he was fine.

Daniel hadn't actually broken any of his bones, but he was injured. He felt a surge of pain everywhere in his body as he got up.

"Daniel, how could you..." Chad said, noticing that there was something wrong with Daniel.

Daniel leaned in to Chad and whispered, "I'm drugged. Hurry up! Go and find a girl for me. No, find two girls. I'll pick the prettier one."

Hearing what Daniel said, Chad took a look at Rachel, and then nodded. "Okay, I will."

"How about Rachel?" he asked after helping Daniel walk out of the room. Chad had already seen the two empty bottles on the ground and put two together.

Daniel glanced at Rachel, who was sitting on the bed with her arms wrapped around herself, and said, "Call Hiram now. Ask him to come here even if the sky is falling down."

Daniel knew for a fact that Hiram didn't want to lose her.

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