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   Chapter 161 How About I Help You

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"Rachel, wake up!" Daniel suddenly sat up and nudged Rachel awake.

It hadn't been easy for Rachel to force herself to sleep even though she was extremely exhausted. So when Daniel woke her up suddenly, she felt tired and dizzy. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Daniel quickly draw the curtains and open the window.

"Open the door! We're police. We're raiding the hotel!

Open the door quickly. Otherwise, we'll kick it open!"

The people outside shouted, knocking incessantly on the door.

Daniel stuck his head out of the window and looked down. When booking the room, he had chosen the room on the second floor with the easiest access to the ground.

"Shh. Keep silent. They're not police, " he whispered, beckoning her over with a wave.

Rachel quickly sat up, put on her shoes and walked to him. She whispered, "How do you know that they're not police?"

Daniel moved a chair to the windowsill and climbed up on it. Then he said, "Have you ever seen the police raid only one room when they are conducting a surprise inspection? Besides, even if they are police, this area is under Zachary's control, so how can we be sure that they aren't colluding with him?

I'll go down first, then I'll help you."

Daniel was sure he was right. He was a light sleeper, but he hadn't heard knocking on any other doors. Besides, it was almost morning. Why hadn't they raided the hotel last night instead of today morning? They must be lying about their identities.

As he spoke, Daniel stepped onto the windowsill and pressed himself against the wall. He lowered himself down carefully and placed his feet on the windowsill of the room below, then waved his hand to Rachel.

Rachel glanced at the door, knowing that Daniel was probably right. Since they hadn't opened the door after such a long time, the people outside had started to kick it!

"They aren't opening the door for us. Kick it open!" The doors of hotel rooms in small towns were never strong or solid.

After a few hard kicks, cracks began to appear on the door.

Rachel didn't dare to stay in the room. She stepped on the chair and climbed out of the window, then Daniel helped her down. As soon as she could stand firmly on the windowsill below, he jumped down to the ground.

When Rachel jumped down after him, they heard a bang. The door had been kicked open!

Daniel held her wrist and ran towards his car before noticing that it was surrounded by several people.

"Great, now we can't go back to the car. We have to go in another direction. Maybe we can call a taxi..."

He was ready to run away with Rachel, but just then,


"What am I going to do? What I'm going to do is help you. This girl here didn't marry a good man, so I'm going to be a matchmaker for her. I am helping both of you?"

As Zachary spoke, his man returned with bottles of liquid aphrodisiac from an adult shop nearby.

"Don't think that I can't see through you, " he continued. "You protected her and saved her at the risk of your own life. I don't believe that you did all this just because of your brotherly friendship with Hiram."

Zachary grabbed a bottle of aphrodisiac, then patted Daniel's face and said, "Since you like her and she likes you, today is the day when you have sex with her!"

Then, turning to his men, he added, "Come here and open his mouth."

Rachel quickly stood up and strode to them. She pulled away the man who was about to force Daniel to drink the aphrodisiac and stood in front of Daniel to protect him.

"What do you want?!" she shouted. "Zachary, you used to have a wife and a kid. You know that we're innocent. If your wife and kid weren't dead, they would also look down on you for everything you've done!"

When Rachel mentioned his wife and kid, Zachary was infuriated. "Yes! I know that you're innocent. But so what? In this world, being a good man doesn't get you anything!

Once upon a time, I worked so hard for Hiram's family, but look what that got me! I lost my wife and my kid! So, I won't be a good man any longer.

Come here and force him to drink a bottle of this! And force her to drink a bottle, too!"

As soon as Zachary finished his words, Rachel was separated from Daniel. A man forced her to open her mouth.

"No!" she cried out, shaking her head desperately.

She didn't want to drink it and she couldn't drink it! No!

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