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   Chapter 160 What I Know Is You Saved Me

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"Fannie! Fannie!

Can someone please call an ambulance?"

Seeing Fannie passed out, Joanna started shouting for help.

Rachel and Daniel were still on the run.

It was around four o'clock in the morning.

Daniel had found and saved Rachel. They had run down the mountain at midnight and walked in the corn field for a long time before finding their car and driving away from the kidnappers.

Daniel kept driving and didn't pull over until he ran out of gas. He stopped at the gas station to refuel his car.

"Don't worry. We've been driving for half an hour. They won't be able to catch up with us!" Daniel said, wiping the sweat off his forehead with his shirt.

Rachel got out of the car too. She had been so nervous during the whole drive. When Daniel rolled up his sleeves, all Rachel saw was blood stains. "Do you have money with you?" she asked. "I want to buy something."

Daniel searched his pocket and handed Rachel a hundred dollars.

Rachel took the money and walked into the store beside the gas station.

She bought some wet tissues, band-aids, a few bottles of water, and some bread and snacks in case they got hungry.

They got into the car after it had been refueled.

"Give me your hands, " Rachel said to Daniel as she took out two band-aids.

Daniel glanced at her and looked at a deep wound under his sleeve. But to Rachel, he said, "It's fine. It's just a superficial wound. I'll recover in two days."

Rachel knew that he was just acting tough, so she grabbed his arm. She used the wet tissues to clean his wrist before applying the band-aid onto his deep wound.

"You saved my life. I should take care of you. You don't need to feel uncomfortable." Thanks to the coat Daniel had given her while they were running through the corn field, all Rachel had was a scratch on her hand, which wasn't a big deal.

But she knew that Daniel, who hadn't had anything to cover himself, must have been putting up with that pain the whole time.

When Rachel finished dressing his wound, Daniel started the car and left the gas station.

"I did this all for Hiram because I owe him a favor, so don't feel like you owe me something. I di

ing better, we should continue driving. It isn't safe here. We're still in the area that's under Zachary's control, " Daniel said, and Rachel finally let go.

She nodded her head and stopped crying. "Let's go. I'm fine."

Daniel started the car again.

They drove for another hour. When they reached the town, it was already morning.

Rachel and Daniel were both exhausted after running about for two nights and a day.

Rachel bought some cheap clothes in the hotel store. Her dress was ruined, and it didn't match her shoes, either.

Daniel walked into the room after Rachel had taken a shower and changed her clothes.

To avoid suspicion and for safety reasons, they were sharing a room.

Rachel was exhausted, but she still hadn't recovered from the kidnap. Although she was tired and sleepy, it was hard to fall asleep, Which was annoying.

Minutes later, Daniel finished his shower and walked towards Rachel. Finding her still awake, he said, "Even if you don't feel like sleeping, try to sleep. We have to get up soon and resume our journey.

We're still far away from H City. We're not safe until we get back there."

Rachel nodded her head and tried to relax with her back to Daniel.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel finally fell asleep.

Daniel slept on the other end of the bed.

About two hours later, Daniel, who was a light sleeper, suddenly opened his eyes.

He heard heavy footsteps outside their room.

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