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   Chapter 159 Some People Laughed And Some People Cried

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"Daniel! What should we do?"

Rachel stared at the three men who were about to reach their car in fright.

Suddenly, the engine came to life with a roar. Daniel stomped on the accelerator and the car sped onto the broad road, crushing the corn stalks in the way.

It was a bumpy ride, so Rachel held the handle on the top of the car to keep her balance while fastening her seat belt.

The men behind them were furious that they had no chance of catching them now, and one of them shot at the car to vent his anger.

After crossing the mud, the car finally reached the smooth road, and their journey became steady.

"Daniel, how did you know that I was kidnapped?" Seeing that they were out of danger, Rachel finally let out a deep breath.

"Everybody knows it. Last night, there was a big mess outside the theater, so news spread that Hiram's wife was kidnapped." Daniel alertly observed their surroundings while chatting with her.

Something bad occurred to Rachel when she heard Daniel's words.

"Oh! Then my mom must know about it!"


In XH Village, Fannie was sitting comfortably in the yard, basking in the morning light, when she saw Lily run out from next door in a hurry.

"I just saw on my phone that last night, there was a kidnap in a theater in H City!"

"A kidnap?" Fannie asked casually, lifting her cup of tea from the table.

"It's not surprising. Society is out of order these days. Some people don't obey the rules and do illegal things, " she continued.

"But... the ones that they have kidnapped are Rachel and her sister-in-law!" Lily said, showing her the phone.

Sure enough, the report said that Hiram's wife and sister had been kidnapped.

The only photo in the report showed the policemen surrounding the theater. It looked like they were shooting a movie!

Fannie, who had been about to drink the tea, dropped her cup onto the ground, her hands shaking. "What did you say?"

"The reporter said that two women were kidnapped. One is Hiram Rong's wife and the other one is his sister!"

Was there another Hiram Rong except for the one that came from the Rong family in XH Village?

Fannie seized Lily's phone and saw the topic:

A kidnapping happened at the theater in H City.

She skimmed through the whole article, focusing on th

ou saying?! I don't understand. I talked to her just the day before yesterday on the phone! She chatted with me happily then! How could something like that happen to her all of a sudden?

Tell me where she is! I have to save her!"

Joanna also had tears in her eyes now. Seeing Fannie, she was full of regret. "Fannie... I...I don't know how to explain it to you. Hiram... He has gone to find her. He hasn't come back the whole night. I think he might have found her. Don't worry..."

"What do you mean? Are you saying that that report is true?!"

Fannie glared at her. The great Mrs. Rong, who had gotten along well with her family for decades and whom she had so much respect for, chose to save her own daughter in the end.

"The kidnappers had both your daughter and mine, but people chose to save yours and left my daughter alone. Is that true?!"

Joanna kept silent. She had no excuses. She knew that all mothers thought that their own daughter was the most valuable. Since they had chosen to save her daughter, she had to bear the blame.

"Huh! Joanna, I entrusted my daughter to you, and this is how you treat her!" Fannie sneered, her face white and her eyes glassy. She glared at Lydia, who was standing in front of her safely.

"It's my fault!! I shouldn't have let my worthless daughter get married to your beloved son! God! First you took Simpson away, and now you took my only daughter away too! Why don't you take my life as well?!"

Everything went black in front of Fannie.

She fainted.

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