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   Chapter 158 Escape At Night

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Woolf was dragged away from Rachel's body before being repeatedly beaten on the face.

"Hiram! Is that you?" Rachel was frightened to death. She couldn't see the man's face clearly but she guessed that it was Hiram, since he had a similar body shape.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not Hiram."

Daniel grabbed a chair and smashed it onto Woolf's head. Seeing Woolf faint, he turned to Rachel and smiled.

"Daniel?" Rachel stared incredulously at his face, which was more beautiful than a woman's. The stud on his ear sparkled, reflecting the moonlight.

Although he was usually frivolous, at this moment, Rachel thought he was an angel.

She looked at him gratefully.

"Why don't you come with me? Or do you want to continue staying here?" Daniel asked teasingly, reaching his hand out to her.

Rachel walked on the ground with her bare feet without even trying to find her shoes.

Since she had been wearing high heels when she came here, there was no point in looking for them. They would only slow her down.

As if reading her mind, Daniel took out a plastic bag from his pocket, and inside, there was a pair of cotton shoes, the kind that only existed in rural areas. He crouched down and put them on for her. "I didn't know your size, so I just bought a medium-sized pair."

"Thanks, "

Rachel mumbled self-consciously as she watched him slip the shoes onto her feet. She still couldn't believe that he was the one who had come here and saved her life.

"Okay, let's go! Zachary has arranged for other people here to keep an eye on you too. They may arrive soon. I took the chance to come here when they were changing shifts!"

Daniel walked out, pulling her by the hand.

It was raining outside. The rain wasn't heavy, but the ground had become wet and slippery.

"How did you get here? Did you drive?" But just after asking that question, she saw that the surroundings were all farmland and small hills, and realized that it was impossible to drive here.

"You think I can drive on those hills? I climbed here! Come with me! This is the fastest way." Daniel continued to ho

en that she realized how good her life had been before.

Or at least, it had been good before she had gotten married to Hiram. She didn't need to worry about her life every day.

After becoming Hiram's wife, her life had turned upside down.

"Rachel! Come on!" Daniel yelled at her breathlessly. He took out his car keys from his pocket and pressed the button to unlock the car doors. They were only ten meters away from the car now.

But the three men behind them were close too!

"Get in!" Daniel opened the car door and hurriedly pushed Rachel in before running to the driver's seat. The first thing he did after getting in was lock the doors.

However, When he tried to start the engine, it didn't work because of the cold weather.

Rachel slumped against the seat with a little gasp. "Da... Daniel, where did you get this car? Is it yours?"

"No... I had to switch cars to avoid being caught by Zachary's men, " Daniel said, continuously trying to start the engine.

He had driven his Benz at first, but afraid that Zachary would eventually find him, he switched to driving a Chevy. The Chevy's owner was more than happy to switch the car with him.

Rachel wanted to ask him if the switch was worth it. However, before she could open her mouth, She realized with a sinking heart that in the time they had taken to try and start the car, The three men had already caught up with them!

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