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   Chapter 156 Hiram, I Hate You

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Hiram didn't do anything when Zachary and his gang dragged Rachel away. He just stood still, glaring at them as he thought to himself, 'Rachel, I am so sorry...

My father has already suffered the pain of losing a loved one once. I can't bear to let him experience such pain again.

I know you hate me, but I hate myself more than you do.'

"Hiram, your hand..." Chad said, noticing that Hiram was clenching his fist so tightly that he had had blood all over his hand, and it was dripping to the ground.

However, Hiram just turned his back to Zachary and Rachel, seeming to have not heard Chad's words. He told Chad, "Tell Kun not to shoot. Rachel has a bomb on her."

"Okay. But Zachary is so cunning. Should we just let them go like this?" Chad asked, unwilling to let them go without a fight.

Hearing no answer from Hiram, Chad immediately turned around and walked away.

At the same time, in a silver Iveco outside the theater, Daniel and Kun were sitting in front of the computer.

"No, we can't take the shot. I've detected that Rachel has a bomb on her, " Daniel said with a frown. He hadn't expected these kidnappers to be so knowledgeable and experienced that they used both guns and a bomb.

Kun, who was wearing the police uniform, stared pensively at the screen of the computer and said, "Zachary has spent so many years plotting this. He must have prepared everything well. I'll tell my men about this bomb and order them not to make any move."

"Then, what should we do? Just sit here and watch them take Rachel away?" Daniel asked, pounding his fist on the table.

"There's nothing we can do. If we can't take the shot, we have to let them go, " Kun said with a sigh. Then, he opened the car door and got out of the car.

Looking at Kun, Daniel suddenly had an idea and followed him out of the car immediately.

Rachel was dragged all the way into a van like a puppet. She could see the red lights of police cars flashing outside the theater. Hundreds of policemen had already surrounded them.

And yet, despite their numbers, No one dared to save her right there and then.

Numbed by the horror of being kidnapped again, Rachel looked down at the bomb around her waist with a blank expression on her face. When their van started, the policemen parted and made way for them to leave.

Zachary shouted to them from the van, "Don't follow us. Or we'll chop off one of he

cing that the bomb tied around her waist had been removed, Rachel looked at Zachary in confusion and asked, "Where are you taking me to?"

"Girl, not killing you is the biggest mercy we can give to you. So, don't be too fussy about where we're going next, "

Zachary said, while one of his men blindfolded her.

"Take her away! Tell them to keep a close eye on her. If they lose her, they will have to face serious consequences, " Zachary told his men.

Rachel wanted to say something, but someone gagged her mouth immediately. With her eyes covered, she was dragged up to the mountain area.

Rachel didn't know how much distance they had covered after a long time of walking on the mountain road, but she felt exhausted. If it wasn't for the men that were dragging her, she would have rolled down the hill already.

It wasn't until they reached their destination that the men removed Rachel's blindfold. But she immediately narrowed her eyes after sudden contact with the glaring sunlight.

She also took the opportunity to look around, only to find herself in a underdeveloped village where the houses had been built with earth and the barks of dogs could be heard.

'Where is this place?' Rachel thought to herself.

"Woolf, you are so lucky. Our boss Zachary is giving this woman to you as your wife. Watch her closely, and don't let her escape. Do you hear me?" one of the men asked.

"Wi... Wife?" Woolf asked.

He had gotten excited immediately at the word 'wife.' He stared at Rachel and said, "She's so beautiful. She's even more beautiful than the widow of the Zhang family."

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