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   Chapter 155 Whom To Choose

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Hiram raised his hand slowly with a cold stare at Zachary. If looks could kill, Zachary would have been long dead.

"Wait, okay, let my sister go!" Hiram spoke clearly.

Zachary threw back his head to laugh loudly, and then he pushed Lydia off the stage. He shouted disdainfully, "Yes, I always knew that you people were unsympathetic. You only have one sister, but your wife, hmm, I guess it won't take you any effort to find a new one, right?"

Joanna and Chad rushed to the stage to catch Lydia as she fell.

Rachel was completely blank as she stood on the stage with her hands tied. She closed her eyes.

Tears began falling from her eyes and running down her cheeks.

Did she feel surprised? No. But she had expected the other choice.

"What will you do to Rachel? Hiram, Rachel is the only daughter Fannie and Simpson have. If something happens to her, Fannie would go with her! Do something, please!" Joanna said to Hiram worriedly. She felt relieved that her daughter was safe, but she also prayed that Rachel would be safe, too.

"Chad, send my mother and sister home right away!" Hiram told Chad without looking at Joanna and Lydia.

Chad nodded to him and said, "Okay. Be careful, Hiram!"

Joanna wanted to stay and be helpful, but Chad came over and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and glanced at Rachel nervously before leaving with Lydia.

Chad walked them to the car and asked the driver to bring them home. Then he took out his phone and called Kun Rong. "Where are you and your team?"

"We've blocked all the exits here, and our men are watching. I promise we'll get them when they show up, " Kun answered confidently. Kun Rong was the chief of the Public Security Department of H City. He had rushed here with all the policemen available the moment he had heard the news.

"Copy that, don't move. Wait for my signal. They have Rachel in their hands, " said Chad.

He hung up his phone and called Daniel. "Daniel, listen, come to the theater as soon as possible. It's urgent. We need your thermal infrared scanning to locate the position of the kidnappers."

"Hold on, hold on. What's happening?" Daniel, who was still at the office, had no idea what was going on.

"It's a long story. Men with guns are holding Rachel hostage at the theater. Hurry up. Get your ass here!" Chad explained briskly.

But he didn't get a reply from Daniel, because Daniel had already hung up.

Daniel jumped up from his seat and dashed out of his office with his computer and his equipment.

In the theater, After Joanna and Lydia left with Chad, Hiram stood alone in front of the stage. He watched the men quietly.

didn't dare to look at what was on her waist.

She knew that it was a bomb even though she had never seen one in her life.

It was obvious that Zachary was far trickier than Jay. He was well prepared to deal with Hiram.

"Okay, I promise.

But mark my words too. You'd better do as we agreed. If you don't, I'll take all your lives and make sure your families will pay the price for you too. You'd better believe me. I'm quite confident in my ability."

Hiram's voice boomed in the theater like a great ball. He then nodded to Chad to do as Zachary asked.

"You have my word! I said I wouldn't take her life, and I'll keep my word. I have earned my reputation with my life, " Zachary said as he bent over to check Rachel, who hadn't said a word since they took her.

Zachary had been prepared to risk his life here, but since Gavin wasn't here, he had changed his mind. He had to stay alive to deal with Gavin.

"Hey, honey, I know you're disappointed. But you shouldn't blame it on me. You shouldn't marry into such a family, you know. All of them are loveless to their women. Tell me, do you regret marrying him?"

Rachel closed her eyes tightly and didn't make a sound. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to control her emotions if she opened her eyes and saw the people she didn't want to see.

A few minutes later, Chad walked inside hastily with sweat trickling down his face. He spoke loudly, "Everything's ready. The car is stopped right at the gate."

Zachary dragged Rachel with him and shouted at his men, "Let's move!

Listen, son, keep your hands in your pockets. Otherwise, your wife and I will die together!"

Zachary pointed his cocked gun at Rachel's head to force her to walk.

He dragged Rachel towards the exit with him.

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