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   Chapter 153 The Danger After The Show

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"Okay, " Daniel said, and watched Rachel leave. She was wearing a grey pleated dress and a coat. She looked mature and attractive.

Seeing Rachel so happy about meeting Hiram gave Daniel mixed emotions.

But he got rid of that feeling soon. As long as Rachel was happy, he didn't care about other things.

In the theater, Rachel looked around at the seats beside her. Everyone there was a relative or close friend of the Rong family. Hiram, Joanna and her were sitting in the middle of the front row, which was the best spot to watch the show.

Hiram had gone outside to make a phone call. A few minutes later, he came back and sat next to Rachel.

Rachel grabbed his hand and leaned her head against his shoulder. She felt a little uncomfortable, because everyone around her were members of the Rong family. She, as a new member, was like an outsider and didn't fit in.

After all, Hiram and her hadn't had a wedding. She didn't know many of his relatives. No wonder she felt a little nervous.

Hiram held her hands tightly, which was a great comfort to Rachel. He said, "Don't worry. Even though you don't know any of them, as long as you know me, everything will be fine."

The show began soon.

Surrounded by theatrical smoke and fog, ladies dressed in white swan lake tutu costumes came onto stage one by one. They spun, stretched and leapt on the stage. Their performance was wonderful.

Rachel had seen this before on television. But watching the show in person in a theater was a completely different experience.

The stage backdrop was a peaceful lake at night. Surrounded by that smoke and fog, the audience felt like they were in the scene, too. Those elegant dancers, who were as beautiful as white swans, passed by in front of them one by one.

The audience were a little confused at first, but they gradually began to understand the plot as the show developed.

When Lydia appeared on stage, she amazed the audience, making the Rong family really proud of her.

She was already beautiful, and now that she w

nly one that was dark.

"Lydia? Are you there?" Rachel asked. Suddenly, she noticed a foot. Although it was dark, she was sure that it was a man's foot.

She furrowed her eyebrows and loosened her grip on the door knob immediately, getting ready to leave.

She had gone through this before, and she knew exactly what was going to happen.

If she was right, someone was trying to kidnap Lydia.

She couldn't deal with this situation on her own. She needed help!

"Rachel, run! Find Hiram and save me!"

Lydia shouted at her just as she was about to close the door. Immediately, the lights in the room were turned on.

"Rachel? Is she the daughter-in-law of that old fox? Be quick! Catch her!" said a man in the room with his husky voice.

At that moment, Rachel smiled coldly, like she was drowning in the cold sea.

But she didn't hesitate to run. She tried her best to run to the other end of the hallway. But in her nervousness, she had run into a dead end. The exit was on the other end.

"Be quick! Help me tie her up!"

Rachel turned her head to look at the four unknown men chasing her. Panicking, she kicked a tripod beside her.

When the four men were about to catch her, Rachel exerted herself and pulled down the whole tripod!

It crashed with such a huge sound that Hiram, who was waiting outside, became alert immediately!

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