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   Chapter 152 You Are Not God

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Hiram held Rachel's hand and walked inside the room. "Mom, Rachel bought these red bean cakes from your favorite shop."

Joanna beckoned them closer and said kindly, "You are so considerate. I have wanted to have these since days ago. I'm so happy you bought them for me.

God treats me so good. Now, not only do I have a good daughter, but a thoughtful daughter-in-law too! Hiram, I'm now content with my life."

Joanna smiled gently, then took out a bag and said, "Oh, Rachel! Here's a bag! Lydia bought this for you from America."

Then she gave that fashionable bag to Rachel.

"Rachel, I don't know your taste, so I chose it on my own. If you're not satisfied with it, please don't mind." Lydia looked at her with a poker face.

Hiram was about to say something, but Rachel beat him to it. With a calm expression, she said, "Thank you so much! I like it." Rachel took the bag from her and smiled naturally. She even appreciated the inside part of the bag with ease.

"But next time, don't buy this for me. Buy more things for our mother, since Hiram has already bought many bags for me." She turned back deliberately and gave him a wink.

Surely enough, every time luxury bag brands had new arrivals, they would send a few to the Tulip Palace. All the new bags were stored in her cabinet.

The smile on Lydia's face froze. Shirley was right. Previously, she had underestimated Rachel, as she was a scheming woman indeed.

"Okay, now let's have dinner!" Joanna let the maid prepare dinner for them.

Rachel went upstairs with Hiram to put the bag in their room.

After entering the room, Hiram watched her casually put the bag inside a cabinet, then charge her phone without the slightest sign of turbulence on her face.

"During dinner, our mother might invite you to watch Lydia's show. Can you agree?"

He wanted to let her know beforehand. This might be Joanna's reason for inviting them to dinner in the first place.

Rachel glanced at him and said, "I know. I'll definitely agree. I haven't seen a dance performance before. Come on, let's go downstairs before Mom has to call us again."

She then held his big, warm hand and walked towards the door.

"I mean...if you don't want to go, I can help you refuse it, " Hiram said.

Lydia had done so

roject team, which was located on the 20th floor.

Since all the staff members were decided, all the research had been done, and all the measurement results had been out, the department was right on track.

Rachel was good at learning new things. After just a short time, she could already manage the job she needed to do in every sector. Also, she had picked out the part she was good at. She even asked Daniel to allow her to do certain tasks.

Since she was just in the beginning stage, if she began with the area that she was an expert at, it would be easier for her.

Although she was busy the whole day, she enjoyed it, feeling that she was useful in this company.

"Mr. Zhuo, we're going to the theater tonight. Do you want to come with us?" Rachel checked the time. It was late in the afternoon, so she stretched herself and asked him casually.

Daniel raised his head after busily tapping something on the computer, "No, thanks. I have to work overtime today. Also, everyone attending will be from the Rong family. I will be embarrassed if I go there!"

Rachel understood what he meant. She stood up, took the clothes she had prepared in the morning and went to the bathroom to change into them.

After that, she went back to her desk and grabbed her bag. Since the project had just started, everyone on the team was busy working. After dinner, it would be 8 o'clock, which was when the show would start.

"See you tomorrow!"

She waved goodbye to Daniel, then went upstairs to wait for Hiram.

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