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   Chapter 151 The Rong Family's Reunion

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In an old, dilapidated house that had been scheduled for demolition and was hundreds of miles away from H City...

"Zachary, I just got the information that Gavin Rong's daughter has come back from America!"

A middle-aged humpbacked man in his fifties opened the door. He entered a concrete room and reported the information to the man who was lying on the bed and smoking.

The man who was smoking was in a worn gray shirt. His sleeves were rolled up, revealing a deep, scarlet scar on his arm which extended to the deep inside of the sleeve.

"That old fox didn't come back himself?" the man asked in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, he didn't come back. Our subordinates reported that only a young girl came back. It seems that she's about to take part in a dance performance, " the humpbacked man said after a pause.

The other man sat up on the bed and extinguished his cigarette by pressing the burning end with his finger. Time had wrinkled his face, but it hadn't sapped his hatred. His eyes were flashing with a desire for revenge.

"Tell our men to get ready. This time, I'll teach that old fox a good lesson!"

It was time to get off work, but Rachel didn't move. She waited for most of the staff to leave before secretly walking into the exclusive elevator.

After the elevator stopped, she headed directly to the CEO's office.

Most of the workers had gone home. Only Ben and Chad were still there.

"Rachel, help me give this file to the CEO." Assistant Ben had been about to open the door, but when he saw Rachel, he nodded to her with a smile and said that.

So she took the file from his hand and opened the door.

As soon as she entered into the CEO's office, she saw Hiram still busy himself with work. His long fingers were moving fast on the keyboard. He gave her a glance when he heard her walk in.

"Sit down first. You have to wait for me for about thirty minutes."

When Hiram was concentrating on work, he looked even more handsome and attractive than usual. Rachel put the file on his office table, then propped up her chin with her hands and set her eyes on Hiram. "My phone is off. Can I have yours to pass the time?"

Her phone was off because she had forgotten to charge it last night.


eep her temper in check, she would need Hiram to take sides.

"Of course. You're my wife. If I don't take your side, who will?" Hiram said confidently. He held Rachel's waist and walked out of the office.

Rachel pouted. Then, remembering the last time she had asked him such a sensitive question, she smiled. She had asked him, if he could save only one person between her and Lydia, who he would choose. He had answered quickly and confidently then, just like this time.

But fate sometimes likes to play jokes on people.

In reality, people often get a rude shock when the ones they trust don't keep their promises.

Outside the house of the Rong family, Rachel could already hear their excited voices and laughter. Lydia's laughter sounded pure and sincere.

"My daughter has good taste. I like these clothes. They are much better than the ones I bought in H City!" Joanna said with a smile. She couldn't help expressing her satisfaction.

"Mom, it is because you look so young. If you don't tell people your real age, they will think that you're just forty years old!" Lydia said sweetly and put her arm around Joanna's neck.

That was the scene Rachel saw as soon as she entered into the house. The intimacy between the mom and daughter seldom appeared in the relationship of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

When Lydia saw Hiram and Rachel enter the house, the smile on her face froze for a second. Then she quickly stood up.

"Hiram, Rachel, you've come, " she said.

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