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   Chapter 150 Lydia Came Back

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"Luke, give her the cue stick. If Rachel messes it up, it's on me, " said Hiram. His eyes hovered on Rachel right from the beginning. From the way she was holding the cue, he could see she had played billiards before.

Before she took a shot, Rachel walked around the table twice. Fixing her eyes on her target, she bent over and aimed her cue at it.

She pushed the cue briskly and the yellow ball rolled directly into the pocket.

"Good job! I can't believe my eyes. Come on. Let's teach Hiram a lesson, " Luke said cheerfully. Since Rachel had made this shot, it looked three of the balls were waiting in line.

As everybody expected, Rachel shot another two balls into the pocket, but the third one was a little bit off its way and didn't make it.

Some of the male colleagues at her former company had been fond of playing billiards, so Rachel had picked up the game when hanging out with them. But it had been a long time since then, and she hadn't touched a cue after leaving that job, till now.

Hiram didn't continue his game with Luke. Instead, he threw his cue to Luke and said, "You can play for me."

After that, he held Rachel in his arms and together they walked outside to the corridor.

"What's on your mind?" asked Rachel as they walked towards the window at the end of the corridor. Leaning against him, she could almost hear his heartbeat.

"Nothing, just came out for some fresh air. Are you tired?" said Hiram tenderly. But he stopped walking the next moment.

Rachel was about to say something when she saw Hiram hush her silently and point to the staircase shrouded in darkness near them.

Rachel stopped walking and held her breath curiously. Just then, she heard a woman's moaning and a man's heavy breaths coming from the dark.

Apparently, there were people making love in the dark staircase. But weren't they afraid that they would be seen by people? Why didn't they wait and go to a hotel? They were being so rash!

Hearing the noises, Rachel felt embarrassed and turned to look at Hiram.

Hiram stared back at her with his dark eyes. They turned around quietly and walked back. Hiram lowered his voice and said, "If I'm not wrong, that was Daniel. Let's leave this place. We don't want to interrupt his moment."

"Answer my question, Hiram. Do you guys always cover up for each other when it comes to things like this? I mean, even if Daniel gets married someday, you'll hide it from his wife for him, right?"

Rachel asked in a low voice.

Hiram chuckled and pulled her close to make her feel more at ease. "What answer are you expecting from me? If I say no, I'm lying to you. If I say yes, then you'll ask another question. Will I do the same thing that Daniel does?"

Rachel kept silent.

"You know why I take you almost everywhere I go? It's because when you're with me, you can see what I'm up to. Then you won't wonder what I do when you're not around, right?" Hiram explained to her.

Rachel pouted her lips but said nothing. She leaned her head lightly on his shoulder and walked with him.

ll learn more about the truth."

Shirley was puzzled by Lydia's story. "But how is Rachel involved in this? She's the one we're trying to take down."

There were lots of people sharing the same family name as Rachel back in XH Village, so Rachel might have nothing to do with Landy's death.

"It has been such a long time. Even if we learn the truth, it might not help us drag Rachel down, " she added.

Lydia shook her head slightly, and smiled mysteriously at Shirley. "You're taking things too simply. Think about it, even though it happened long ago, as long as the truth comes out, it would bring us more than we can imagine.

Listen, I don't care whether Rachel has something to do with it or not.

It all depends on us. We can create a connection between them. Since so much time has passed by, it would be hard for people to find any evidence, and it would be harder for them to tell the exact truth itself. The only thing that matters is that we must cook up a story so real that even people who saw it happen before their eyes couldn't tell the difference between the truth and the lie."

Shirley finally got Lydia's point and nodded agreeably. "Yes, yes, that's a really smart idea!

Even if we learn nothing useful about Landy's death, we could make something out of it ourselves. As long as it is pointed to Rachel, we could bring her down, right?"

"I knew you were smart! I'm so proud of you, darling, " flattered Lydia.

She took a sip of her coffee.

Lydia had been thinking it over for a long time. Why did Rachel get along so well with the Rong family? It was because no one objected to her and no one knew anything about her past.

If they could dig up something, who knew what would happen?

If Hiram's parents found out that Rachel's family had something to do with Landy's death, Lydia believed that they would not want to see Rachel any more.

By that time, Lydia wouldn't be the only one objecting to Rachel's marriage with Hiram. The whole family would stand by her. Things would be different.

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