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   Chapter 149 Fondness From Hiram

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Jessie peeked at Daniel, then lowered her head, standing near the door of the lift.

Daniel stood behind Jessie with his hands inside his pockets. He stared at her beautiful figure and smelled her perfume.

Rachel stood beside him, feeling grossed out by his behavior.

But this was just out of habit for Daniel. The first time he met any woman, he looked at her figure.

When he noticed Rachel's expression, he deliberately looked her up and down.

Feeling his disgusting gaze, Rachel immediately crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

"Mr. Zhuo, are you free tonight? Would you please have dinner with me?" Jessie asked, suddenly turning around with newfound courage.

Rachel pretended like she hadn't heard anything and lowered her gaze to her shoes.

'Huh? What did I say just now?' she thought.

Daniel grinned. Resting his hand against the wall, he said, "It's hard for me to refuse an invitation from a beauty, however... I have made an appointment with someone else. How about we do it another day?"

Jessie nodded, looking a little disappointed. "All right. I know you're always busy. But can I add you as my friend on WeChat right now?"

Feeling a little bored of staring at her shoes, Rachel shifted her gaze to her pants. The climate had gotten cold, so she had started wearing trousers. She looked at Jessie, who was wearing a skirt, revealing her white thighs.

"Sure." Daniel hesitated only for a second, then a smile appeared on his face. He took out his phone and added her account.

Finally, the elevator doors opened.

Rachel walked outside, leaving them behind and finally feeling relaxed. Her dislike for Daniel was growing.

She had never liked this kind of men.

"Why are you walking so fast? Wait for me!" Daniel called after her. "He's only coming downstairs after ten minutes. We have to wait for him!"

"Oh? Mr. Zhuo, hav

a responsible guy! A married woman should be home to do housework! Why does the man have to take her everywhere?" Luke then looked at Daniel, who was hooking up with a young girl nearby.

Daniel was definitely a playboy. No matter how beautiful the girl was, she would be conquered by him.

"Huh? What are you saying about me behind my back? Am I not worthy of being brought out?" Rachel had overheard Luke complaining about Hiram bringing her everywhere as soon as she came back from the bathroom.

"Oh? No! Why would I say such things?! I was just saying that you're a kind, pretty and precious girl. Hiram is lucky to have you as his wife!"

As a lawyer, he was good at changing the subject, so he sounded sincere when he said those to her.

Rachel glanced at him, picked up the stick and sneered, "Am I deaf? To punish you, I'll play this round."

"Don't be so cruel! Please! I am just about to win! I lose every time I play with him. Why can't you give me a chance?" Luke was becoming anxious.

Billiards was the only game he was good at. However, if she played this round for him, he would definitely lose it!

Rachel turned to look at Hiram, instead of Luke.

Hiram smiled gently, then moved to the other side, giving her the chance.

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