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   Chapter 148 Hiram's Order

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"Hey, I've got to go." Rachel hurriedly hung up on Hiram and nodded at the woman beside her.

"Sorry, I'm going to copy them now!"

The woman was none other than Jessie. Hearing Rachel apologize to her, she smiled with disdain and said, "Apologizing to me isn't going to help you remedy your mistake.

Since you're working at Streams Company, you should have at least read the working rules here. How can you make such a silly mistake! I really can't understand what's wrong with our superiors. Why did they hire someone who doesn't have any experience at all?"

Rachel, who had started copying the files, furrowed her eyebrows when she heard that. She turned to look at the woman who looked about two years older than her.

"Miss, I know that I shouldn't have answered the phone at work. But this is the first time I have made that mistake. Do you really have to speak so harsh to me?"

"Well, Rachel, I'm your senior. Even though I speak harsh to you, I am helping you improve! How dare you talk back!" Jessie shook her head and laughed, thinking, 'No wonder Daniel wanted Rachel to get some training. She really needs it.'

"That's not the point. What matters is that I have already apologized, and I'm trying hard to make it up. Could you stop nagging at me?" Rachel curled her lips in discontent and continued to copy the documents.

She wasn't a meek lamb and she wasn't going to let others bully her at will.

She never threw the first punch, but if someone wanted to humiliate her, she wouldn't just stand by and tolerate it.

"Jessie, what happened?" At that moment, a woman with a pair of black-framed glasses who had been one of the three women in the tea room outside, walked in and asked.

Jessie pointed at Rachel and said, "Nothing big. This rookie hid in the copy room to make a phone call. I heard it, so I hammered some sense into her. Now she's talking back to me."

"What? Rachel, Jessie is a senior in the planning department. Even we won't dare to complain if she criticizes us. You're new in the department. How dare you defy her?"

The woman with the black-framed glasses asked, flicking her hair.

"Well, Jessie, let's go. Nowadays, little g

the conflict hadn't been so trivial, Hiram would have come down and helped Rachel himself.

Rachel stopped walking, turned to Daniel and said, "You were the one who was supposed to settle the quarrel. It burst out on your account. Of course you should solve it."

"What do you mean? Why are you blaming me for that?" Daniel stepped in front of Rachel and asked with a bitter smile.

"Because you're the one to blame. Although it's my first day working in this department, I know what's going on here. Jessie is one of the women who like you. She thought I was your girlfriend, so she deliberately found fault with me.

Are you still going to deny that the quarrel took place because of you?" she asked.

Daniel hadn't realized it till now, but no wonder Jessie's eyes brimmed with passion every time she looked at him. It turned out that she had a crush on him, and that was why she had picked a fight with Rachel.

"If that was the reason, I apologize. You can come back to my floor tomorrow."

Rachel walked into the elevator and said, "Now that I've started working here, I'm not going to leave so quickly. I'll stay here for at least a week."

Daniel followed her in.

Just then, someone shouted, "Wait up!" Rachel and Daniel heard someone trotting towards them.

Rachel quickly pressed the button to open the door and waited for the third person to enter the elevator.

She didn't expect that the person would turn out to be Jessie.

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