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   Chapter 147 Spit It Out

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Rachel looked at the wet carpet with the pill still in her mouth. The glass had been knocked out of her hand so suddenly that she was too surprised to swallow the pill.

"Spit it out!"

Hiram put his hand under her mouth and stared at her coldly.

"Hiram, " Rachel murmured. She was uncomfortable being stared at that way so she spit the pill onto his palm.

"What are you doing? I'm just trying to take a pill. We haven't even had a wedding. I don't want to be pregnant."

Hiram crushed the pill into powder and said, "Don't take it anymore. I changed my mind. It will be better if we have our child soon."

"Really?" asked Rachel. She looked at Hiram in disbelief. Hadn't he said before that he didn't want a child in the coming year? Why would he change his mind?

"Don't look at me like that. I'm already thirty. Of course I want to have a kid of my own." Hiram glanced at her as he shook off the powder from his hand. Then, he grabbed his coat and walked towards the door.

"Get ready and come downstairs to have breakfast. We can go to work together after that!"

Rachel watched him in confusion as he walked out of the room, wondering what had made him change his mind. Was it possible that her mother-in-law wanted a grandchild?


At Streams Company...

Rachel was sitting in front of her computer and learning how to draw when Daniel threw a new ID card at her, walking towards her.

"What? Daniel, that girl you were with yesterday was hot, so why do you look so low?" asked Rachel. She hadn't looked at what was on her desk yet. She assumed it was another document.

She glanced at Daniel, who was sitting in front of her desk, and said, "Sorry, Daniel. I take back my words. Take care of yourself."

Daniel rubbed his forehead and crossed his legs. He squinted at Rachel and asked, "Rachel, yesterday...was that guy your ex-boyfriend?"

"What?" Rachel turned around to glance at him before she returned to her computer and said, "Nope, we had a few dates before but it didn't work out."

Daniel stood up suddenly and walked towards Rachel. He grabbed her hand which was holding the mouse and said, "You silly girl. You're doing it wrong. You have to click here before you draw, get it?"

Feeling a little awkward, Rachel pulled her hand away. Daniel was standing so close to her that she could almost feel his chest on her back. She pushed him away gently with her shoulder and said, "Okay, I get it. But I'm new here!"

Daniel's brown eyes turned gloomy. He straightened himself up, threw the new ID card at Rachel and said, "From now on, you'll work in the lower section and get a feel of t

e ladies gazed at each other without uttering a word. Then they stood up and left the break room.

Once they got back to their desks, they switched completely to work mode, focusing their full attention on their job. At Streams Company, if an employee felt tired, he or she could have a ten-minute break.

But once they returned to work, they had to be very careful and serious about their work because their boss would come to check on them occasionally.

Rachel took a stack of files and went to the copy room. She felt a little tired after working the whole day.

After all, she hadn't been so busy in a while.

"Hello…" Rachel answered the phone. She stretched herself and went to the window to breathe in some fresh air.

"Where are you? Why aren't you at your desk?" It was Hiram.

"Oh, I came downstairs to help the planning department. Daniel said it would help me fit it better, and I would also get a chance to get along with the colleagues. Why?" Rachel twisted her waist and asked.

Hiram paused for a moment, then asked, "Are you tired there?" She sounded breathless on the other end of the phone.

Rachel laughed and said, "It's fine. I haven't worked this much in a while, so I'm a little tired."

"All right, then. Oh, Luke, Daniel and I are going to the shooting range tonight. Would you like to come?" Hiram asked gently.

Hearing about shooting and having fun, Rachel answered without hesitation, "Sure, I've been working hard the whole day. Some relaxation would be great!"

Just then, a lady walked in. Seeing Rachel talking on the phone with a stack of files on the copier, she began scolding her.

"Rachel, what do you think you're doing? Can't you see these files here? Stop chatting on the phone and copy them!"

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