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   Chapter 146 The Pill

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All of a sudden, Rachel felt her seat being reclined, and she ended up lying on her back. Hiram put his hands on either side of her to prop himself up as he leaned over her, and asked her unpleasantly, "Rachel, can I ask you a question? Haven't you realized that you've done something wrong?"

Frightened by the burning anger in his eyes, Rachel hesitated for a while before replying, "I did something wrong? I went there today to accompany Celine, you know that, right? I swear I didn't know that Wayne would be there."

"You're still missing the point!" Hiram hissed.

He began to tear Rachel's clothes apart and climb on top of her, but Rachel bent her knees to keep him at a distance and tried to push him away.

"Stop, and wait! Let's talk about this. Why are you so mad? Is it because of Wayne or Patrick? Tell me the truth."

Rachel gasped as she pushed Hiram to the side to make some space to breathe. She had wanted to ask Hiram that question as soon as they had left the club, but she had swallowed it down, knowing that she had to treat lightly when he was angry.

"Yes, I know, " she continued. "I know I said I wouldn't keep a thing from you, and I never intend to. I didn't tell you about Patrick inviting me to dinner because I didn't think it was important. Don't you believe me?"

"Not important?" Hiram snorted. He squeezed Rachel's cheek harder than he usually would and said, "Honey, do you know what Patrick was up to when he moved his office there in H City? Did you ever think about it?

Why didn't you tell me as soon as you found that he had rented the office opposite yours? Are you stupid or are you just too naive?"

Rachel thought over his words for a second and looked up at his eyes. Yes, she hadn't thought about it. She had just assumed that it was normal for a businessman to rent an office in other city, and that Patrick probably needed to stay here because he had to deal with some business here.

"I, I admit that I didn't think over it. Hiram, listen, if you think that I did something wrong, tell me directly and I will do better next time, " said Rachel softly.

She stretched her hand around Hiram's neck and continued, "Yeah, I'm too naive when it comes to things like that. If you're mad at me about it, I won't say a word."

Hiram was her husband, and if anything happened between Hiram and Patrick, of course she would stand with her husband.

Hiram took a deep breath and pulled Rachel's legs down. "Okay, it's all right, since you realized your mistake, but this is just one of them. Let's talk about the other one. Did you ever think about your husband while you were dancing with another man?"

"That, um... don't you think you're overreacting? It was just a dance, right?" Rachel wondered why Hiram was making such a big deal out of nothing. She had danced with Wayne just out of social courtesy, and she definitely hadn't th

them, so she had plenty of time to wait.

She put her book aside and carefully took the ring out of the box. Hiram was holding his left hand out and waiting. She took his hand and put the ring on his ring finger.

Hiram pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her forehead. He murmured in her ear, "Let's go to sleep, honey. It's getting late."

"Wait, I want to read for a little while. Can you go to sleep first? Night." Rachel pulled away without noticing his reaction. She reached out to grab one of the books to continue reading.

Before she could touch it, the book was grabbed away and thrown onto the ground!

The rest of the books and documents didn't escape Hiram's hands, either. They were thrown onto the ground, too.

Hiram turned the lamp off and rolled onto bed beside Rachel before she could even say a word.

"Hiram, " she murmured.

"Shut up! One more word and I'll make you work in my office tomorrow!"

Of course, Rachel didn't even have a chance to reply, since she was lost in Hiram's kisses.

The next morning, she got up when the alarm went off and found Hiram still asleep on the bed.

She rubbed her head, knowing that there was something she had to do. She had been thinking about it since last night, after they had finished having sex, but she couldn't remember what it was now. She patted her head to urge herself to remember it.

Oh, yes, the pill!

Rachel opened the draw on the night table and took out a pill. She poured herself a cup of warm water and wondered what was wrong with Hiram these days. Why did he keep refusing to put on a condom when they were making love?

She popped the pill into her mouth and was about to drink water when all of a sudden, the glass was slapped out of her hand.

"What are you doing?" Hiram, who had just opened his eyes, was still half-asleep, but his hand had flew into the air as soon as he saw Rachel trying to take her pill.

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