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   Chapter 145 Hiram's Intensified Jealousy

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"Rachel, may I invite you for the second dance?" Wayne asked, holding out his right arm to Rachel.

Rachel put down her fork and stood up. She said to him with an embarrassed smile, "Wayne, I'm eating. Can you dance with Celine?"

With a forced smile on his face, Wayne looked at her and said, "Rachel, it's just a dance."

"Rachel, since you already agreed to it, you should dance with him, " Celine said, coming over. She grabbed Rachel's arm and whispered, "You can also take this opportunity to clarify something. Oh, and I saw Hiram earlier. Is he here too?

Anyway don't worry about him. Since he's playing cards downstairs, he can't see what is going on up here."

Then, Celine patted Rachel on the shoulder and said, "Besides, a dance with Wayne won't take very long, and Hiram won't happen to see it."

Hearing Celine's words, Rachel sighed and took a step towards Wayne, who immediately took her hand and walked her to the center of the dance floor.

In time with the beautiful melody of the music, Wayne put one of his hands on Rachel's shoulder in a decent way and adjusted his steps to Rachel's.

He looked at her affectionately and said, "It's been a long time. You still look so beautiful."

"Wayne, Celine is a nice girl, and she doesn't have a boyfriend. You can start with being friends, actually, " Rachel said, without beating around the bush.

Wayne looked at her and said with a sigh, "But I still can't forget you. When I met you for the first time on the blind date, I knew you were the one. You're the person that I dream of marrying all the time."

Feeling embarrassed, Rachel looked away. However, she failed to notice that she had brushed past Daniel, who was dancing next to them with a woman. Their conversation immediately caught Daniel's attention.

"Rachel, can you give me a second chance? I won't leave you this time, " Wayne said. He couldn't hide his feelings for her anymore. He had kept these words to himself for two years, But he had never had a chance to tell her.

Since they had met again by chance at a singles party, Wayne thought that it must be fate. He wanted

pretty face, Daniel clapped his hands and walked towards them. He whistled and said, "Mr. Rong, that was a high-profile way of publicly displaying your affection. It's certainly worth learning from."

Rachel glanced at Daniel and thought to herself, 'Why does he have to complicate things even more?'

"Indeed. But first, you need to have a wife, " Hiram said with a cold smile on his face. Then, he put his arm around Rachel's shoulder, sneered at Wayne and walked towards the gate of the club with Rachel.

"Wait, Celine is still inside, " Rachel protested.

"Don't worry. She's an adult, she knows how to get back home, " Hiram replied.

And with that, Rachel was forcefully dragged out of the club by Hiram. When they got to his car, he pushed Rachel into the passenger seat and drove away.

Rachel said to Hiram angrily, "Hiram, didn't you say that you wouldn't interfere with my normal socialization with men?"

"You're right. I won't interfere with the normal ones. But do you really think that was a normal one? Anyone could tell from looking at Wayne's eyes that he wanted to eat you alive, " Hiram replied coldly.

"Nonsense, you're the one who wants to eat me alive, " Rachel mumbled.

Her head swirling with thoughts of what had just happened, she hadn't noticed that Hiram had stopped the car in a secluded dark alley.

In the darkness, Rachel suddenly felt Hiram comeing close to her.

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