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   Chapter 144 Hiram's Jealousy

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When Rachel went downstairs, she found there was a luxury casino.

She immediately spotted the handsome man sitting at the table in the center of the casino, and although his hair was a little messy, he still looked attractive and elegant.

She walked towards him.

Hiram had been born with a certain charm that made sure there was never a lack of women around him.

At that very moment, he was sitting between two hot girls. One was pouring wine for him while the other was taking poker chips for him.

Rachel stopped in front of the gambling table and stared at the man who was being treated like a king.

He was holding his chin with one hand and surveying his cards with the slightest trace of a smile on his lips. It seemed like he was going to win.

"Give me the poker chips!" Rachel ordered.

"Hey! Who are you?"

"I'm his wife."

Rachel grabbed the plate of poker chips from the woman who had questioned her and put it on the table before taking a seat beside Hiram.

"I couldn't find you after we came in. Why didn't you tell me you were here?" she asked.

Hiram smiled innocently at her and said, "Since you came here to accompany your best friend, I didn't want to bother you."

Still holding onto the poker chips, Rachel said, "You should have told me where you were at least!"

Hiram took out a pile of poker chips from the plate and put them on the table. He wrapped his arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, "You've found me, haven't you?"

"Mr. Rong has added one million. What about you, Mr. Wang?"

The waiter standing beside them asked a half-bald man.

Hearing this, Rachel glanced at the poker chips in her hands and found, to her surprise, that each poker chip was equal to 5000! Looking at that pile of red poker chips, she couldn't help worrying.

"Take it easy, it's just a small wager. When I have spare time, I'll show you what real gambling is!" Hiram pinched her on the waist and said with smile.

"I don't want to watch, I'm afraid I'll get a heart attack, " Rachel said. Having grown up as an obedient girl in a common family, she wasn't used to seeing rich people g

ything to hide. She said, "He is one of the men I dated before. At the beginning, we got along well with each other, but later on, we realized that we weren't a good match, so we broke up and didn't contact each other again."

Hiram raised his eyebrows, then he sat on the sofa, held her shoulder and asked her, "So you two had a romance?"

Rachel shook her head and said with a mouth full of fruit, "No, just a few dates. We kind of liked each other when we met for the first time, so we kept in touch for a while, but we separated after several dates."

"Oh? You didn't feel bad about it? And you went on several dates with him?" Hiram said with gritted teeth, unconsciously putting more stress on her shoulder.

"It hurts. Can you be gentle?" Rachel pulled his hand down from her shoulder right away. She stood up and said, "I'm hungry. I'm going to go upstairs and get something to eat. Will you go with me?"

"Go ahead, I want to try my luck again." Hiram glanced at the gambling table.

Upstairs, the room was filled with champagne and beautiful people who were dancing happily.

Rachel sat appreciating the people dancing while she had some snacks.

She noticed that the party wasn't only for single men and women. A few men who already seemed to be in their fifties were holding young girls and dancing affectionately.

When the first dance was over, Wayne released Celine and walked towards Rachel.

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