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   Chapter 142 Naughty Rachel

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"I'm not going!"

Rachel said without a second thought. Was Hiram trying to get back into her good books by offering her special benefits after irritating her?

If he was, then she wasn't going to accept such benefits.

"Miss Ruan, the president said you'd better think it through before answering." Ben smiled at her with patience.

Rachel thought for a second before walking towards the exclusive elevator.

Smiling, Ben went after Rachel.

"Good, Miss Ruan. Don't keep doing things that go against Mr. Rong's wishes. If you act the way he likes, you will find that there will be many unexpected gains."

Ben opened the door of the president's office and gestured Rachel to go inside. He pointed at another door in the room and said, "There is a small suite there. You can go in and take some rest. I will knock on the door when it's time."

"Where is Hiram?" Rachel asked. She had come up here to argue with Hiram, not to take rest.

Ben only smiled in response. He pointed at the suite again.

Understanding what he meant, Rachel strode over to the door. Ben immediately stepped back and closed the door behind him.

Rachel opened the door and looked inside. Although Ben had said that it was a small suite, it was hardly small. In fact, it was fully equipped.

There was a wardrobe, a sofa, a TV, and a dining table in the living room.

There was also a bedroom. In the bedroom, Hiram was lying down on the bed. When he saw her walk in, he looked up at her and said, "Come in. Why are you still standing at the door?"

The curtains were closed, so the light in the bedroom was a little dim, creating an atmosphere of peace in the bedroom.

Rachel had intended to quarrel with Hiram, but now she changed her mind.

When she approached the bed, Hiram stretched out his arms and pulled her to him. "You only have an hour, so close your eyes now and have a good rest if you don't want to waste it."

Rachel did want to rest, but she couldn't control the surge of anger that was bubbling up inside of her.

"Hiram, what are you playing at? Why does your attitude towards me keep changing? What do you want exactly?"

Hiram wrapped his arm around Rachel's shoulder, closed his eyes and said, "You're my wife and I love you, so I let you come up for a break. What is it that you th

have insurance?" Rachel glanced at Hiram with a smile as she drove towards the exit.

"If that's what you think, switch places with me. I'll drive, "

Hiram said coldly.

Driving out of the parking lot and onto the road, Rachel grinned and said, "Don't bother. Being bad at driving is exactly why I have to practice more often! If you're worried about your safety, then get off and hail a cab on the street. There are lots of them."

"You're such a glib talker, "

Hiram muttered, frowning as he looked at the road ahead.

"By the way, I'm not going home. I have an appointment with Celine. How about I send you home first?" Rachel said, looking mischievously at Hiram.

Hiram raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes shining. He said, "You're my wife. I've just finished work and I haven't had anything to eat. Are you going to let me go home alone like that?"

"You mean you want to come along with me?" Rachel asked, habitually turning to look at him.

However, she stopped when she heard Hiram say, "Don't look around. Fix your eyes on the road ahead when you're driving. Anyway, where else could I go? There's nothing for me to eat at home."

Rachel knew that he was reminding her that she was his wife now.

He was also acting like this to show his displeasure with the way she had behaved at noon.

When they reached the destination, Rachel stopped Hiram from getting out of the car. She disheveled his tidy hair and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt to make him look more casual.

"What are you doing?"

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