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   Chapter 141 Show His True Wolf-like Personality

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'He's even more fickle than God, ' Rachel thought to herself.

She frowned in the general direction Hiram had walked off in, then turned on the TV and sat on the sofa. She watched TV until it was very late before going upstairs.

Instead of going to Hiram's room, she went to hers.

At first, Rachel thought that Hiram wouldn't be able to control himself from coming over. Even in the car, she had felt that he couldn't control himself.

However, she had underestimated Hiram's ability. She blinked her sleepy eyes all night, but Hiram didn't come.

The next morning, her mobile phone alarm rang on time.

"Hiram, wait, we can go together..." she trailed off when she didn't see him.

"Rachel, Hiram said that if you want to have a good reputation at Streams Company, you can't make your identity public. The car is outside. It's my duty to drive you to the company, " Chad said.

Rachel had heard the sound of the car and gone outside, expecting to see Hiram, but the only person there was Chad.

"Give me the key and tell Hiram that I don't need a driver. I can drive by myself, " she said with a cold snort. She had been in an irritated half-sleep all night, and Chad's appearance only made her more furious.

Obviously, Hiram had tricked her into getting on board with the marriage before showing his true cold nature, like a wolf!

"But Rachel, Hiram clearly asked me to drive you..."

Chad said worriedly even as Rachel took the keys from him.

But before he finished, Rachel was already in the car, humming and stomping on the accelerator before driving out.

Rachel drove nervously the whole way but finally reached the basement parking lot of the company. Unfortunately, she failed to back her car into the parking space several times.

"I thought it was some idiot who couldn't park after even a dozen times, but I didn't realize it was you, " Daniel sneered, slamming the door of his car and walking over to her.

Even though Rachel knew her driving skills were sub par, she was in a bad mood, shaking, so she angrily threw her car keys to him and said, "Okay, you do it then."

Daniel caught the keys, but before he could even reply, Rachel was walking towards the elevator.

'Have you eaten gunpowder?' Daniel thought to himself.

Rachel went upstairs directly to the President's office. She wanted to go in to find Hiram, but she was stopped by his assistant, Ben

u! You know what I meant. I don't really want you to kneel. I only expect you to get down on one knee and give me the ring. You can get up right after that!"

She felt like she had been wronged. All she had wanted was a romantic proposal where she would finally get a wedding ring. But thanks to her childhood dreams, she had gotten nothing but a night of loneliness.

"Rachel, don't judge me according to the standards of other men in the world. Most of them can't match up to me, " Hiram said, Stepping out of the elevator before it shut behind him.

He had changed his world for her. Whatever she asked for, he gave it to her as long as it seemed reasonable to him. But he would slowly teach her that there were some lines she shouldn't try to cross.

Hiram's thirty years of life couldn't be disturbed by the short two or three months spent with her.

He had his own order and his own principles.

Rachel, who had been left behind in the elevator, quickly pushed the button that opened it and got out.

Hiram walked toward an independent dining hall where all the patrons were above managerial level.

Bursting with anger, Rachel almost followed him there.

But in this big canteen, almost everyone was staff. She knew it wasn't appropriate to do anything casually.

After she had her lunch, there was still an hour left before work would start again. Rachel decided to go back to her cabin and take a break.

"Miss Ruan, the President asked you to go upstairs and have a rest, "

Said Ben, the President's assistant. He had been waiting for her at the entrance of the corridor.

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