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   Chapter 140 Being Besieged By Journalists

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"Mr. Rong! Are you here to go through with the divorce in secret?" the journalist asked.

Rachel started panicking the moment she realized that their identities had been revealed.

Her hands almost went up to cover her face subconsciously, but they were firmly held down by Hiram, who walked forward indifferently without showing any sign of being flustered.

Hearing that this man was Hiram, the entire group of journalists rushed over quickly with microphones in their hands, hurrying to interview him.

"Mr. Rong? Is the news of your secret marriage true?"

"Mr. Rong! Is the woman beside you your wife?"

"Mr. Rong..."

"Mr. Rong! Please answer our questions!"

Hiram quickened his pace and held Rachel as they walked out of the entrance of the court. At that moment, Hiram's crowd of bodyguards appeared and blocked the interviewers.

Chad had already driven the car over to them. He opened the rear door and said, "Come on!"

After sitting in the car, Rachel finally felt relieved.

"Hiram, Rachel, you're dressed like this?" Chad laughed. He almost couldn't recognize them now, no wonder the journalists had had a hard time too.

Hiram took off his sunglasses and tugged at the white T-shirt. He grabbed the formal clothes he had kept in the backseat and got ready to change.

"I was really frightened just now. If you hadn't come then, we would have been surrounded by those reporters!" Rachel sighed with great relief. Then, seeing that Hiram was about to change his clothes, she said, "Wait. Hiram... I want to appreciate this for some more time!"

Since she had been busy with the legal process, she hadn't had the chance to take a good look at Hiram.

Dressed like this, Hiram looked less aggressive, less reserved, but instead, more positive and unruly. His hair, which had been deliberately messed up by her earlier, made him look more approachable.

Coupled with his deep eyes, straight nose, and clean-cut lips, he looked just right.

Rachel was almost drooling over this unusually gorgeous version of him.

"Rachel, you're violating me with your eyes, " Hiram said abruptly, smiling.

Rachel was tugged back to reality at those words. She said, "Don't move!" She took out her phone hurriedly with the intention of taking a

have a normal relationship, so it didn't happen. Can you do that for me now?"

She asked, looking up at him hopefully.

In a normal relationship, the marriage came after the proposal. But in their relationship, marriage had come first, followed by divorce, then marriage, and finally the proposal.

"It's just a matter of standing or kneeling. Why do you care so much? Baby, come on. Give me your hand, " Hiram said, trying to be patient as he pulled her hand.

"No. Why can't you kneel? There's no one else in the house. I'm the only one who will see it!" Rachel pouted. She knew Hiram was a distinguished man, but she really wanted to experience the proposal she had always dreamed of.

Hiram glanced at her and then at the ring before putting it back into the box.

As he closed the box, he said, "Rachel, it's up to you. Wear it if you want or throw it away if you don't like it."

In his life, ever since he could remember, he had never knelt in front of anyone, not even his parents.

He had never thought of kneeling to a woman someday.

So, after he finished speaking, he stood up abruptly and walked to his room, Leaving a stunned Rachel sitting on the sofa. After a moment, she shouted after him.

"Hiram! Do you think that just because I agreed to cancel the divorce agreement, then I'm completely at your mercy?" Rachel didn't realize that she had

Said something to set Hiram off.

Hiram could love her, spoil her, but he had his taboos which she could never touch or change.

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