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   Chapter 138 Go To The Court In Disguise

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 9897

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"What I'm telling you is the truth. Why would I lie to you?" Rachel held back her urge to laugh and said in a serious manner.

Hiram raised his hand and gently rubbed her face; he laughed at her with his eyes narrowed, and said, "Okay, if you say so, but you'd better not regret it!"

"Ding!", the elevator stopped on the ground floor.

Hiram strode forward leaving Rachel in the elevator. She called out to him and then followed him out immediately.

They picked a restaurant near the company so that they could just walk there instead of driving.

As soon as they arrived, they went into the private box Hiram had reserved for them earlier. The atmosphere was lush with elegant music playing in the background.

When they sat down, Rachel noticed something in Hiram's pocket. She could only see its red coloured corner; she was curious and assumed it was a present.

"Hiram, what's that in your pocket? May I see it, please?" asked Rachel.

Hiram took it out of his pocket, and put it on the table. "It is a present I bought for a woman, " he said.

"Present? Is it for me?" asked Rachel with a big smile lighting up her face as she picked it up from the table. As soon as she opened it, She was completely stunned by the beauty of what was in front of her eyes. Inside the box, was a uniquely designed ring; a design so rare that it could hardly ever be seen in the market. The most eye-catching feature was the design of the bow-knot on the ring itself, which was concave and exquisitely carved with layers. When she tried it on, it didn't look obstructive, but only graceful and extravagant.

However, after she had examined it carefully, she found that the 'bow-knot' was not really of a bow's shape, but the combination of two letters of 'R'.

'What is this supposed to mean?' Rachel thought.

'R, does it mean...', she wondered.

"Rong and Ruan?" Rachel asked, as she gently rubbed the two letters with her fingers. She assumed her guess was right, otherwise it wouldn't be so coincidental.

"Are you done with your inspection? If so, please give it back to me, " said Hiram, as he reached out his hand, took the ring from her and put it back into the box.

Rachel was a little annoyed when Hiram took the ring back. She asked, "Isn't it for me? I like it a lot. Let me keep it."

"I didn't say it was for you, did I?"

Hiram's tone changed the atmosphere in the room as he put down the box of red flannel.

Rachel was taken aback by Hiram's response. With eyes wide open, she glared at him, wondering whether he was still angry at her about what she had said to him in the elevator or not?

Soon their dishes were served, hot and fresh.

Rachel couldn't concentrate on what she was eating because her mind was mostly pre-occupied by thoughts of that ring. She sincerely grew fond of it from the bottom of her heart.

Nonetheless, how could a man of Hiram's stature be so vulnerable as to be easily offended by her joke

ourse not. I'm not afraid at all. Even if you have doubts, as long as I do not sign the agreement, you are still my woman."

"Then, why did you choose today? Everyday is the same to us." Rachel asked. Rachel knew that if they did not show up at the Civil Affairs Bureau, the divorce agreement would not be effective, which would mean that they were not yet divorced. Then why would he be so rushed to go through with this?

"Because, no matter what happens, once I have decided to do something, I have to make sure it is done." Hiram furrowed his eye-brows and explained calmly.

Once he decided to do something, he had the reason to do it which could not be changed.

Rachel did not say anything. Instead, she moved her sights away from him and looked out of the window quietly.

They gradually approached the court.

Rachel was sitting on the passenger's seat. When she noticed Hiram park the car on a street not far from the court, she got very curious. She asked, "Why are we parked here and not driving in?"

Rachel thought that since there were journalists waiting for them at the entrance, the best option would be to drive through the entrance directly to avoid being stopped by them.

"I will explain to you later. Now let's get out of the car first. You will find out very soon." There was a strip of clothing stores in that street. Hiram took Rachel's hand and walked into one of the bargain clothing retail stores.

About 20 minutes later, A noisy couple appeared in front of the court.

The man was about 1.89 meters tall; he wore a pair of white short-sleeved jeans shorts, with a pair of ordinary running shoes, and a pair of sunglasses from an unknown brand, as he walked in a casual manner.

The girl was wearing a very student-like dress, with a pair of denim shorts. Meanwhile, her beautiful face was contorting in anger. She screamed at the man walking ahead of her, "Hey! Why are you walking so fast? Please, wait for me, will you?"

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