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   Chapter 137 Never Spoil A Woman Too Much

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Hiram took out a box from his pocket and opened it. Nestled inside was a custom-made diamond ring that he had ordered for Rachel one month ago.

This trip to America was also an opportunity for him to bring back a ring for her.

On the diamond ring were two exquisite R shaped strings of diamonds, which looked like a butterfly. Such an outstanding design would certainly add to the beauty and elegance of this ring without decreasing the comfort level of its wearer.

"Chad, is it possible for Rachel to be a dutiful wife and loving mother at home?" Hiram asked.

After thinking for a moment, Chad shook his head and answered, "I don't think so. It seems that Rachel doesn't like to stay at home."

Taking their recent business trip to Cliff Mountain for example: unlike the usual ladies from decent families who were unwilling to go to mountain areas, Rachel insisted on coming along with them.

Therefore, it could be said that Rachel wasn't the quiet type who would peacefully stay at home.

Moreover, it was not until Hiram asked him to investigate Rachel's whereabouts last night that he surprisingly found out that Rachel had rented a studio. Since the studio had already been decorated, it meant that Rachel wanted to start her own business.

Hiram closed the box and said, "Therefore, I want to release Rachel's full potential so that she can achieve her goals, and be worthy of the title of my wife."

Chad then said with a nod, "That is very far-sighted of you. Indeed, only a capable woman would be qualified to be your wife."

He remembered that Joanna, Hiram's mother, was also a very competent woman when she was young.

As Hiram's family owned a century-old family business, many people eyed its wealth. Therefore, the future wife of Hiram had to be capable and talented as well.

"By the way, where is your report on her whereabouts from yesterday?" Hiram said, as he sipped his tea.

Chad nodded and began to report.

"What? She went out for dinner with Patrick at Moonlight Restaurant?"

Hiram shouted, raising his head from the documents. Then, Hiram narrowed his eyes and thought to himself, 'Patrick?'.

"Yes, Patrick rented a studio in H city and would come to visit it almost every other day." Chad said truthfully.

and put the stub into the ashtray next to him.

Hiram, however, wasn't angry at her rudeness. Instead, he just looked at Rachel tenderly, with eyes full of love and longing for her.

Rachel's face would always bring out a feeling of strangeness in people. Her thin, long nose, her pursed lips and her beautiful black eyes would always present different images of herself in people.

"All right, but I don't smoke that much regularly, " Hiram said. Then, he grabbed Rachel's hand and said, "Let's go out for lunch. I have reserved a table for us at a restaurant."

Rachel felt very happier when Hiram dragged her towards the lift, and then she said to him, "I'm free this afternoon. Do you have any appointments?"

"Yes. I'll have to go to the court." Hiram answered simply. Then, he got into the lift with her.

The moment Rachel got inside the lift, Hiram gave her a strong and warm hug. Although the lift was going down, Rachel felt like her heart rate was going up.

It seemed that this man couldn't hide his feeling for her anymore. Hiram looked so reserved just a few minutes ago.

Rachel didn't say anything. She just stood there quietly.

"Did you miss me?" Hiram asked. Then, he loosened his grip on her.

"No, I've been so busy every day, that I haven't had the time to miss you." Rachel answered with a wink, intending to conceal her deep love and longing for him within a smile.

Upon hearing Rachel's words, Hiram gently pinched her waist and said, "I want to hear the truth."

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