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   Chapter 135 Interview Difficulties

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"Oh, " Rachel answered, she took out her cell phone and tapped on the album folder "by accident". A photo of her with Daniel appeared on the screen. Someone had taken many photos for her in the mountains.

"Sorry, I touched the wrong key. Mr. Zhuo told me to come for the interview directly. Wait a second. I'll look for it."

Rachel intended to show the photo to the security guard, because apart from Daniel, Chad, the elderly engineer and even Hiram were on the photo.

"Ah, wait, let me check again!" Rachel said. She pretended to check her e-mails.

Obviously, she couldn't find it, because she never had it.

"May I call Mr. Zhuo? I may have deleted it by accident..." Rachel smiled at him and pretended to call Daniel.

The security guard was still wondering about the photo. Why were his bosses in the photo? So many people came in and out the company everyday, so he recognized all the leadership members.

"What's your name?" The security guard assumed she must have some special relationship with his bosses, so he picked up the interviewee list and looked for her name on it.

The interviewees were only allowed to enter the company building once they had passed the double ID check. After all, the electronic offer could be easily forged, so all of them had to accept an ID confirmation check.

"My name is Rachel Ruan." She immediately found her name on the last line of the paper.

"Come on in!" Rachel took the initiation to show the ID card to him. The security guard checked it thoroughly and let her in.

After getting in the building, Rachel breathed a sigh of relief.

However, little did she know that

Her every move was being monitored by the people at surveillance room.

"Mr. Zhuo, since she has already come in, is the second test still necessary for her?" Chad glanced at the screen and asked Daniel who was sitting next to him on the chair.

Daniel shook his head and answered, "It's not enough. The security guard wouldn't have broken the rule to let her in, if he hadn't known that she has a special relationship with us.

As per schedule, ask the interviewees to get off the lift on the 17th floor and inform them that the assessment has already started. Those who will get here, will pass the first round interview

't help looking out the window.

In the blink of an eye, "Hey! You..." Rachel had sneakily pinched the permit out from his pocket and waved it at his face proudly.

The supervisor smacked himself on the head, regretful of his carelessness. The window was so far away. It would have been impossible for anyone to see anything from that distance. Rachel was obviously lying.

Rachel quickly ran upstairs before the supervisor could even open his mouth to say anything else.

There were lesser people on the 18th floor. It looked quite different from the crowded situation on the 17th floor.


Rachel saw Luke at a glance when he was walking past her with a stack of papers in his hands; she hadn't seen him for a while.

Luke turned around when he heard someone calling him. "Rachel, what brings you here? Are you here to see Hiram? Isn't Hiram still in the U.S.?"

Rachel was slightly embarrassed. She smiled and said, "Hiram will be back this morning. Umm...Would you please take me upstairs? Hiram is not here, and other people here don't know me. I can't go upstairs..."

"Of course I can, but you haven't answered my question. Why did you come here?" Luke asked with smile.

It was just a mere coincidence for Rachel to meet Luke there, as he would only be around when Streams Company was involved in a lawsuit or a lawyer was needed.

"Come on, take me upstairs. I'll tell you." Rachel thought it would be best to explain to him later, and then she pulled him towards the elevator.

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