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   Chapter 134 The Annoying Interview

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Rachel, sounding worried, immediately asked, "Celine, don't tell me that you are still with Patrick.

Don't you think you're being stupid?"

"...... Well, Rachel, I just got off the car. The elevator is out of order, so I am taking the stairs.

Mr. Yan left after he dropped me off. Nothing happened between us!"

Celine said with a pout.

Celine wished something had happened, but Patrick looked like he was in a bad mood and didn't talk much along the way.

Patrick had been a funny talker with a great sense of humor at the restaurant, but suddenly, he seemed to have turned into a different person when they drove to Celine's home.

Rachel let out a sigh of relief and replied, "That's good. You'd better stay away from him from now on. Try to keep your distance from him."

"Yes, I will. I'm the one who wants a close relationship with him, but he seems like he's not interested in me. So it's unlikely that something romantic will happen between me and him." Celine said with disappointment.

"Sir, a bowl of beef noodle please!"

Daniel shouted at the vendor and cast a glance at Rachel to find her sitting at the table, talking on the phone.

"Celine, don't be mad at me for what I'm about to say. You should feel lucky that he is not interested in you. I'm sure I can find someone far better than Patrick, I will introduce him to you as quickly as I can. Okay?"

Rachel comforted Celine patiently and looked at Daniel sitting opposite her.

"Do you want a bowl of noodle?

The noodle here is very authentic, "

Daniel suggested.

"That's it, I've got to go now."

Rachel hung up the phone and nodded, "I'd like a small one serving with extra chilli."

Daniel ordered another bowl of noodle for Rachel.

Although it was just a roadside stand, it looked very clean because there were not too many vehicles there.

Rachel was surprised that Daniel was willing to eat in such places.

"I came from a working class family. Although my family was well off, I couldn't afford to squander money at my will, so when I was busy with work, I often ate food at street stalls."

Daniel said to Rachel as he poured a glass of water for her, knowing that she must've been wondering why he ate food like that.

"I am a little different from Hiram. He was born with a gold spoon in his mouth. When I came of age, I made a living on my own. Everything I have achieved today, I've had to build from scratch."

Rachel thanked Daniel, reached for the glass and took a sip of water. "You seem to be different from what I have imagined. I thought you were also a spoiled playboy from a rich family, " Rachel said, frankly.

Before long, the vendor came over with two bowls of noodles, "Daniel, I haven't seen you for a while. Are you tied up in a relationship?"

The vendor smiled and loo

It reminded Daniel that Hiram had treated him in the exact same way.

Back then, Hiram said to Daniel, "If you can't even enter my company, how will you convince me of your competence?"


Rachel looked frustrated and helpless when she realized Daniel had hung up the phone.

Soon, she took a deep breath and calmed herself down.

By then, almost all the people who had the interview notice had already entered the company.

Rachel took the exclusive access when she came with Hiram before, so she didn't need a pass at all...

'Wait, the exclusive access!'

Rachel quietly went to the back passage, and found out that it needed a card to open.

The alternative route did not help her either.

Rachel soon realized that she could turn to Chad for help.

"Hey, Chad, I am outside the building of the Streams Company. Could you come over and pick me up?"

Rachel suddenly realized that Chad could help her. He had to be in the company at that time, since he was also a part of the project.

"Rachel, I am sorry. But Mr. Zhuo told me not to show favor to anyone." Chad said in an apologetic tone.

Rachel was so angry at Daniel. Daniel had said that she should try every means to get into the company, but now he was the one blocking her way!

Rachel decided to give up on the interview and leave.

Rachel walked back in big strides, but then she stopped after a few steps.

She couldn't give up. It was obvious that Daniel was testing her, and Hiram had invited her to the interview.

If she gave up now, she would not only disgrace herself, but also disgrace Hiram.

Thinking of that, Rachel decided to try another way. The interview was at 8:30. It was already 8:00. She needed to find a way to get into the company, sooner rather than later.

"Wait, where is your interview notice?"

The security guard stopped and asked Rachel.

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