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   Chapter 133 When Hiram Was Not Around

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 10479

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Rachel and Daniel's conversation was interrupted by an unpleasant voice that came out of nowhere.

Curiously, both Rachel and Daniel turned their heads to find out who it was, and that was when Daniel saw Patrick.

"When you said you were having dinner with a friend, did you mean Patrick Yan?" asked Daniel. He frowned and looked into Rachel's eyes waiting for her reply.

During the years he had worked for Hiram, Daniel had met most of his friends and enemies; Patrick was one of the enemies. Daniel was particularly impressed with Patrick because of his annoying nature, that was, his interest in taking other people's favorites.

Rachel shook her head and stood up. She turned to Patrick and said, "That was an exquisite dinner, but I cannot have another bite. I came out for some fresh air. Where is Celine?"

"She's waiting for you inside, " replied Patrick with a smile. He walked towards Rachel and when he got closer, he saw Daniel sitting opposite to Rachel. The smile on his face froze for a moment.

"Long time no see, Mr. Yan, "

Said Daniel as he stood up to greet Patrick.

Patrick nodded at Daniel and replied, "It has been a long time. How do you do, Mr. Zhuo?"

Daniel came from a humble family. In the recent years, his work with Hiram had earned him his noteworthy reputation amongst his peers. Together, they had obtained quite a lot of significant achievements in their fields. However, in the eyes of some people, Daniel was not their peer, but merely Hiram's follower.

"Look at the time, it's getting late; are we all done with our dinner? Mr. Yan, thank you for this wonderful dinner, but Celine and I would like to excuse ourselves for the night. We'd better go home now, " Rachel interrupted, when she noticed that the atmosphere in the room had turned brittle.

Patrick replied to her without hesitation, "Okay, then I'll go and fetch my car. Wait here."

"No, I mean we can go home by ourselves. Besides, we're going in the other direction. We don't want to bother you. I'm just going to go and get Celine; see you later." Rachel waved her hand to bid farewell to the both of them.

"It's no trouble at all, it would be my pleasure. I can't let you ladies go home by yourselves at this hour. It's not my style." Patrick raised his eye-brows and insisted, earnestly.

"Thank you, Mr. Yan, but our place is going to be out of your way. It'll be an unnecessary inconvenience. I'm just going to find Celine now." Rachel turned around and walked away, to look for Celine.

When Rachel and Celine came out together, Patrick was waiting for them at the door.

Daniel was out too.

Daniel made his way to Rachel and said to her, "Come with me, Rachel. We're going in the same direction. Let me give you a ride."

However, when Daniel walked towards Rachel, Patrick stepped forward and stood in front of Rachel.

"Wait, Mr. Zhuo. She came out to have dinner with me. I should be the one to send her home. I think you don't have to bother yourself with this, " said Patrick. Patrick put a cigar into his mouth and lit it up. He glanced at Daniel as he was blowing the smoke out

e, The truth was, women found themselves insatiably attracted to Patrick. The naughtier a man was, the more charming he was to women. Patrick was that kind of a man.

"Aha, in that case, we can't do anything about it. Patrick's heartless to women. He plays with women and hardly ever treats them seriously, " Daniel said discreetly, as some of the rumors he had heard about Patrick before popped into his head.

Although people said they were just rumors, Daniel believed that there was no smoke without fire. They estimated that there were over one hundred women whose hearts were broken by Patrick. Patrick was merciless.

Rachel stared at Daniel for a while, lost in her own thoughts. She asked, "What about you? I believe you aren't so different from him."

Daniel choked at her words. He turned his face to her and raised his eye-brows.

"This is what's on your mind?" Daniel retorted.

"Of course not, I'm nothing like him. I never force women to do things they don't want to do. I prefer having a woman's consent. Women who go out with me are usually the ones who are more eager than me, " he added.

Rachel shook her head; she couldn't hold her smile back. Indeed, that was true. Very few women could resist Daniel's good looking face, and not to mention his princely charms.

"How about your dinner? I believe you didn't enjoy it with Patrick around. They've got some really delicious food here." Daniel pointed at one of the restaurants on the road.

In truth, he was still hungry because he hadn't finished his dinner before he went out with them.

Rachel glanced at the time on the panel. She said to Daniel, "I'm fine. You can pull over if you like. It's still early anyway.

Daniel didn't hesitate; he pulled over near the parking lot of a small restaurant on the road.

They got off the car and walked into the restaurant.

Rachel looked at her phone, wondering whether Celine had reached home safely. She called Celine, "Hey there, are you home?"

"Yes, I just got here a minute ago. What's up?" Celine's voice sounded a little strange to Rachel.

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