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   Chapter 132 What Celine Said Could Only Stir Things Up!

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Patrick was leaning against the wall at the other end of the hallway. He looked at Rachel with a cigar dangling from his mouth.

It was unexpected for Rachel to hear Patrick's voice here. She turned around and looked at him with surprise. "No, I was just thinking about what a coincidence it is that the studios we rented are so close to each other! Mr. Yan, why are you still in H City?" she asked.

"It is a coincidence. I just flew back today. The work here is in the beginning stage, so I have to come back sometimes to check it. But it seems that our meeting was predestined, " Patrick said slyly with an attractive smile. He didn't approach Rachel immediately, but instead he sized her up from a distance.

Rachel chuckled and tried to ignore the ambiguity in his words.

"Mr. Yan, you're so efficient, " she said, diverting the topic. "Your studio here has started operating so soon!"

"Of course, time is money. How about your studio? Have all your workers arrived?" he asked, extinguishing his cigar and walking towards Rachel.

"Oh, they said they were willing to work for me, but now they're having some difficulty in resigning from their company. I think I'll have to wait for some more time before they can start working here, so I just came here to do some preparatory work now, " said Rachel. As Patrick approached her, Rachel realized that there was a band-aid on his forehead. 'Did his brother attack him again?' she thought.

Noticing the direction of her stare, Patrick subconsciously touched the wound on his forehead and said, "My brother sent people to attack me, but I retaliated against him after I found him."

Preston was still on his sickbed. Patrick would take revenge on the person who had hurt him no matter who he was, even if he was his own father or brother!

He leaned over and put one hand on the wall beside Rachel. Then he grinned and said, "I rarely get to meet you, and it's late. How about we have dinner together?"

Rachel took a step backward and rolled her eyes. Then she pointed at Celine, who was still in the studio. "Sorry, I have an appointment with my friend!" she said with an apologetic smile.

"We can have dinner together. I don't mind." Patrick smiled and moved closer to her deliberately as he spoke.

"Thank you, but I'm sorry. Mr. Yan, I know you're busy. It's better for me not to bother you and take up your time!" Rachel said with a thin smile.

Patrick smacked his lips and said, "I see. It's because Mr. Rong asked you to keep a distance from me, right?"

"No, it's not because of him. I can't make it because I really have something to deal with tonight. Celine, "

Rachel called, seizing the chance. "Celine, we have an appointment tonight to discuss something work-related, right?"

Celine, who had been measuring something in the

e here with my friend. What about you?" Rachel asked.

Daniel pointed at the table in front of them. Looking in the direction he pointed, Rachel saw two men and three women sitting there, but she didn't know any of them.

"Oh, don't forget the interview tomorrow. I'm the chief interviewer, but don't think I'll go easy on you. I'm impartial!" Daniel said as he looked at her with a handsome and elegant smile.

Rachel laughed and joked, "Hiram himself recommended me. If you still dare to make things hard for me, you're welcome to try."

"I'm always unscrupulous in separating work from personal emotions. We might be friends, but I won't deliberately let you pass the interview easily, " Daniel said, half-serious, half-joking after he took a sip of red wine.

"Will you... not let me pass the interview?" asked Rachel. Hearing what he said had made her lose a little confidence.

After all, she was not professional in that field and she had no related experience. If interviewers asked her some difficult professional questions, she probably wouldn't know how to respond to them.

Daniel was handsome with fine features. As he moved, the stud on his left ear twinkled, adding beauty to his face. It was hard to tell if his face belonged to a man or a woman. When he smiled, especially, he was more beautiful than most women.

"No, I'll treat you well for the sake of Hiram, " Daniel admitted. He saw that Rachel was in a daze, so he blew out a breath on her face. "Why are you looking at me like that? Did you suddenly realize how handsome I am?"

Rachel smiled and gave a nod of agreement. She hadn't looked at Daniel carefully before, but suddenly she realized how handsome he was. He resembled a famous Korean star.

"Hey girl, you're not single-minded, are you? You came here with me, but now you're chatting with another man excitedly! It's too sad..."

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