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   Chapter 131 Are You Looking For Me

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Hiram, who had his back to Gavin, lifted his eyes after hearing Gavin's question, feeling something prickling them.

He turned around and said, "Not yet. Dad, it happened a long time ago. It isn't easy to find out anything now. I've assigned more people to investigate. I'll let you know as soon as I find something new."

Gavin nodded his head and sighed.

The most regretful thing he had ever done in his life was that he hadn't protected his one and only younger sister. He felt terribly sorry that she had passed at such a young and beautiful age.

Regret could make people live with remorse for the rest of their lives.

The only thing he could do now was to find out the truth in his remaining years so that he could address her grievances.

"If there is nothing else, I should go, " said Hiram. With a nod from Gavin, Hiram turned around and walked towards the door.

Suddenly, something occurred to Gavin. He shouted after Hiram, "Hiram, think it over. Can you just go to see Lydia's show with me tonight?"

In H City

Soon after Rachel arrived at Tulip Palace, Celine arrived as well.

Although Hiram didn't like strangers in his house, he was fine with Celine visiting, since she was Rachel's best friend.

"Rachel! We're really in trouble this time!"

Celine complained to Rachel. She had kept talking about visiting Rachel's luxurious mansion, but now that she was finally here, she wasn't in the mood to enjoy it.

"What happened?" Rachel made her a cup of tea. She surveyed Celine, who looked frustrated.

Celine said, "Our director is like an old fox, very cunning! He made promises and then went back on his word. Now, after realizing that everyone is leaving the company and that the company's performance isn't as good as it was before, he called me at midnight to ask me to stay!

He also talked about raising our salary and giving more perks. But Michael, Fiona and I have already decided to leave! These couple of days are supposed to be our last days in the company. But I think he won't accept our resignation letters."

Rachel wasn't surprised to hear all this. She smiled and said to Celine, "Well, I anticipated that, actually. You all got promoted to Team A because of your ability and performance, not because of flatteri

ly didn't want to do the housework or when she was too old for it, then she would get a servant.

Joanna brought this topic up every time she visited, but Rachel always turned her down.

"Celine, my phone is ringing. Answer it for me, " she shouted at Celine, who was standing just outside the kitchen. Rachel still had one fruit left to cut.

"No problem!" said Celine, running to the living room.

After a moment, Celine returned to the kitchen and said, "Rachel, the customized desks we ordered have been delivered to our studio. They asked us to go to the studio and open the door for them. They also wanted to know where the desks should be kept."

Rachel washed her hands and said, "Okay, once we finish eating the fruits, we'll go there. Chop chop!"

— —

In the studio, Celine and Rachel were telling the workers where they should put the desks.

"We need a customized curtain here. A light color would be good. Here, we can have a break room. In that case, we need to buy a coffee machine, " Celine spoke out loud, looking at the empty room after all the desks were settled.

Rachel looked around their half-decorated studio and noted down the things that they needed.

She lifted her head and saw the studio across them. It was open. She walked closer and saw people busy working through the window.

It seemed that Patrick didn't come here very often. Since his family's business was quite big, it was natural that he wouldn't stop by such a small studio.

"Are you looking for me?"

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