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   Chapter 129 Childhood Romance

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"I saw a little girl who was about seven or eight years old... Oh my god...Ha ha ha..." Rachel couldn't help bursting into a loud guffaw as she read the first sentence.

Hiram frowned at Rachel and grabbed the letter out of her hands successfully this time. 'What's so funny?' he thought as he unfolded the letter.

"What are you doing?! Give it back!" Rachel quickly reached her hand out to take it back. But Hiram was too strong for her. He could use one hand to ward off Rachel while reading the letter quickly with the other.

After he read enough of the contents, he quickly rolled it into a ball. It was the only love letter he had ever written. Rachel unfortunately found it, and the best thing for him to do was to destroy it and throw it out. If Rachel read the whole letter, she might get jealous or create other problems.

"Stop! If you destroy it, I will go back home right now and you will have to sleep alone tonight!" Rachel threatened, seeing that he was about to rip the letter into shreds.

She glared at him as she crossed her arms.

When she saw that he didn't take any further action, Rachel hastily moved forward and took it back from his hand. "Why do you react so violently?" she complained. "It's just a love letter. Anyone who has ever liked a girl or a boy in his or her lifetime has written at least one such letter. Why can't I read it?"

Rachel unfolded the letter again and smoothed the wrinkles on it. She held it to the light and read it out loud mockingly. She didn't look at Hiram but from the corner of her eye she saw Hiram looking sullen.

"I like listening to the jingle of small bells in her every move. She is like an angel flying into my world. Her smile is very sweet, and she is so different from other girls that I've seen or met... But it seems that she doesn't like me... She throws little stones at me every time she sees me... Ha ha... Ahh ha ha..."

Rachel couldn't resist bursting into laughter. She couldn't control herself. "Hiram! You didn't like obedient girls but liked the girl who threw stones at you. Are you a masochist?"

Her laughter echoed for a while, then she eventually stopped laughing.

'Wait! Let me think. The girl was about seven or eight years old?

Why do I remember that I liked throwing little stones at a tall boy when I was little?' Rachel thought. The reason why Rachel liked to hurt the boy was because she knew that the boy was a member of Rong family.

Although she didn't know who the boy was at that time, Rachel hated him when she saw him walk out of the Rong family house.

Even as a child, She didn't like the Rong family because her grandfather had told her that she would be married off to a man from the Rong family when she grew up. Her young mind told her that she d

"Mr. Hiram, I'm glad to see you back."

"Mr. Hiram, good evening!"

"Mr. Hiram, your room has been cleaned and ready for you! Here, let me take your luggage."

As soon as he got off the plane, Hiram went straight to the villa in Washington, D.C. owned by the Rong family. It was close to the sea and the village wasn't far away either, so it was quiet and had beautiful surroundings.

Lydia was still lying around in bed, but she jumped up and quickly ran out of her room when she heard the servants greet Hiram. She was in such a hurry that she forgot to put on her shoes. She just ran barefoot on the cold marble floor. "Hiram? What brings you back?"

Lydia saw Hiram coming up the grand staircase. The figure and the face definitely belonged to her brother, whom she missed so much!

"Hiram... Ouch!"

Lydia was slapped hard across the face before she found out what was going on. She felt the tingle of extreme pain followed by numbness.

"Lydia Rong, I am your brother! Have you no consideration whatsoever for my feelings?" Hiram said angrily. His furious voice echoed throughout the house. A couple of birds flew away from a nearby tree.

Lydia touched her cheek which had started to swell. Tears came rolling down her face. "Hiram.. What are you talking about? Why do you think that I haven't considered your feelings!"

"Huh! If you ever considered my feelings, you would not even have thought of doing that. Think about what you have done! Have you ever cared about me at all?"

Hiram took out a document and threw it in her face. The document went flying in the room.

Lydia picked up the document and read it quickly. She could guess the content easily. She wiped the tears which were streaming down her face, but she couldn't stop crying. "Hiram, you misunderstand me...

I didn't do it!" She tried to explain.

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