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   Chapter 128 His Love Letter

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Nowadays, it had become common for couples to sign a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets and interests. This was especially true for long-standing and wealthy families like the Rong's.

"Rachel." Hiram stared at the coldness in her eyes, his heart started to feel a bit aching, just like a needle was quietly but deeply and repeatedly pricking it. "If you really want it in your heart, then I can draft one. But ... I just think there is no need."

Rachel turned her eyes from the night sky to Hiram, and gave him a smile, "Don't say that. We have our future ahead of us and who knows what will happen during that time? What if you get tired of my no-longer beautiful appearance? What if you meet someone else and go behind my back and have an affair on the side? At least, I need to provide my child and myself with a guarantee."

"Rachel..." Hiram frowned.

Though it was late at night when all was still, they were not certain whether someone else would overhear their conversation in the yard.

"That's nothing. I believe that people should be realistic considering the high divorce rate that we have now. And we were almost ... So, I feel that we need a prenuptial agreement in case we..."

Before Rachel barely finished her words, Hiram abruptly stood up, leaned across the table, and kissed her on the lips to calm her. She didn't need to say anything more.

"Baby, I hate this. If you have decided to draft one, I will just cooperate. But, never talk about things that haven't happened yet. They are extremely undesirable. Okay?"

He gasped lightly as he ran his thumb across her lips.

Rachel felt a bit uncomfortable because of his dubious posture, so she moved back a bit and said, "I know that these things are not pleasant to hear. However, we can never tell what would happen in the future. Right?"

Her eyes twinkled with different emotions. Rachel looked down and muttered.

"Will you hold the same conviction if you fall in love with a younger and more charming woman some day in the future?"

Women usually believed that if a man didn't love you anymore, he would no longer care about anything concerning you.


Her mouth suddenly hurt.

Hiram put a finger on her lip, pressing her lip against her teeth, which might mildly hurt. "Though it's uncertain whether I will love another woman or not in future. I know that there are very f

d it. She reached in with her hand and touched something. Feeling surprised, she quickly withdrew her hand. But her curiosity was strong so she reached in again and was able to take it out for a closer look. She tucked her hair behind her ear as she waved her hand to beckon Hiram to leave some space.

"As for you, I will study later. I want to study this first. Do you think we ordinary people could see these things like this often? Wow, there is something in here..."

Hiram looked at what she had in her hand.

Then he frowned. 'Where did those things come from? Why do they look familiar?' He thought.

Rachel looked closer to examine it. Then she paused.

'What are these?' She thought.

"Oh look. How many beads are in here? They look so beautiful! And here's a letter too?" Rachel held up a handful of colored glass beads in the light to see them better. They might be toys that Hiram left around when he was young.

But, she was more interested in the letter.

"Oops... Don't take the letter away." Hiram, now also curious, tried to take it from Rachel, but she was quick enough to wave it away from his reach.

Hiram had already forgotten about the letter. It had probably been there for over a decade. He had gone and come back several times in his younger days, so it was supposed that the letter was put there at that time.

As soon as Rachel started reading the contents of the letter, her eyes brightened. It was a love letter!

However, the letter looked so old that Rachel couldn't tell from the handwriting if it was for Hiram, or it was written by him.

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