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   Chapter 127 Just Don't Want To Open The Door

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In the Rong family house

Hiram was going to head back to the XH Village, because Rachel didn't answer his calls and he was anxious and worried.

Hiram had done a lot of work to improve their relationship and now it had finally gotten better. If something went wrong at this point, all the things Hiram had worked hard for would be in vain.

"Is that you, Hiram?" asked Joanna. There on Joanna's desk was a document.

Hiram walked into the room and his eyes fell on the document on the desk. He frowned. It seemed that someone had delivered two copies of their divorce agreement. One was delivered to the Ruan family.

And the other one…

"Mom, " said Hiram.

Joanna didn't keep Hiram guessing. She grabbed the document, put it in front of Hiram and said, "Explain this to me. What happened?"

Hiram slowly walked to the sofa and calmly sat down. He picked up the document, turned a few pages and put it back on the desk.

"Well, mom. I wasn't satisfied with you and dad's arrangement for me, so I asked someone to draft this divorce agreement for me, " said Hiram. His eyes were half closed trying to fight the ache that was trying to drill into his head. He was thinking about Rachel. She must have received the same copy of their agreement.

Copy of their agreement.

Who else would have a copy of their divorce agreement?

No one else other than that woman.

"Then? Tell me, Hiram. Did you two divorce or not?" Joanna looked at Hiram intently. She never thought that Hiram would hide such a thing from her.

But Joanna calmed down and cleared her mind, trying to recover from the shock. It was exactly what Hiram would do.

Joanna and Gavin seldom interfered with their son's life. And they knew clearly that once Hiram made up his mind, no matter what they did, they could never change his mind.

"Mom, this divorce agreement is meaningless to me now. You don't have to worry about it, " said Hiram. He rolled up his sleeves and checked his watch. "Mom, things have changed."

Hiram was still thinking about going back to the XH Village. It was still early. If he hurried, Rachel might still be up when he got there.

"Rachel is my wife now. I mean it. She's as important to me as you and dad, really. This divorce agreement is nothing but a meaningless blank sheet of paper."

Hearing all this, Joanna breathed a sigh of relief. As the matron of the Rong family, she needed to make sure that no incident would affect their family's honor and dignity. Positive PR was all she cared about.

"Alright then, you'd better fix this as soon as possible. I'll tell the reporters that all of this is just a rumor."

"Although grandfather fixed you up with Rachel, I also love Rachel. She's gorgeous as well as sensible. I can tell you do love her too. Alright, do what you need to do n

aw. Although Lydia was adopted, Gavin and Joanna treated her as their own daughter.

Since he was a little boy, Hiram had been very independent and they seldom had to worry about him. Although this was a good thing, Gavin and Joanna didn't experience the pleasure being parents to him. Hiram always wanted to do things on his own. That was why when Lydia came along, they focused their love and affection on her.

"Oh? So if you father keeps defending her, what are you going to do?" Rachel put her chin on her hands and sighed. There was no way one could get the best of both worlds.

Their married life was supposed to be happy. Her in-laws were gentle and had welcomed her into the family with open arms. The only trouble was her mean and ill mannered sister-in-law who was always using her weakness and vulnerability to get what she wanted. This also got Rachel in trouble a lot.

"The only reason she could have the power is because she has something on us. For now, that is the divorce agreement. What else could she have besides that? If you and I go to the court house and have that fixed or even nullified, she would have nothing to use against us, "

Said Hiram. He didn't want to treat Lydia in the way he treated his competitors. What he needed to do was to make sure that Lydia could no longer give them any problems.

Besides, he would also try to let Gavin know what his adopted daughter had done.

If Lydia kept spinning a cocoon around herself, Hiram was sure that Gavin's patience for her would eventually run out. She would then have no one to protect her.

Rachel leaned back on her chair. She looked at the dark sky dotted with little stars and said calmly, "When you come back from the US, I want you to draft a prenup. After all, your family owns several big businesses. I think it would be better for both of us to have everything clear."

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