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   Chapter 126 The Truth Was Out

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"You vicious liar. Playing the victim doesn't work on me. You're just full of tricks. I know you. You're worse than your mother! You're more cunning, more wicked!" Selina violently protested. Everyone's attention turned to her and her husband, staring at them, whispering and talking about them. This made her more furious.

She could still remember when Rachel slapped her in the face at the hospital. Since that time, she realized Rachel wasn't a girl who would tolerate bullying. She looked weak and delicate, but she would defend herself.

"And don't play the family card! You have signed the divorce papers. That's the truth. You can deny all you want but it is the truth."

Selina continued screaming while pointing at Rachel.

"Hiram Rong has divorced you. But you still behave like a happy couple in front of us. Aren't you ashamed, you little bitch?"

"That's enough, Selina. You are the wife of the eldest son of this family and you are Rachel's aunt. How dare you say such things?'' Rachel's granduncle also had had enough of Selina's screaming. He was already weak and coughed heavily, but he could no longer listen to this.

"This is between Rachel and her husband. It has nothing to do with you. This is none of your business. Whether they divorced or not, we'll have to see for ourselves. If they did, they couldn't hide it forever. The truth will out and we'll find out sooner or later.

But what if they didn't, all you have done today is just embarrassing yourself. You can't see how ridiculous you look right now.''

One of Rachel's aunts stood up and tried to say something nice. This was supposed to be a happy family get together, but Selina had to mess it up.

"Selina, let's go. We've already done what we came here to do." Colin spoke to his wife in a low voice dragging her away.

"Today I have come to expose the true colors of Fannie and her daughter. You should not be fooled.'' Selina shrugged Colin's hands away, paying no attention to her husband.

"Are you done with this nonsense? I've put up with you long enough today. I'm not the hypocrite that you claim I am. It is you! I know you are jealous of Rachel's marriage to Hiram. You want your own daughter to be Hiram's wife! Have you no shame to be thinking like that? Stop troubling my daughter using a fake divorce agreement, " Fannie refuted, enraged by Selina's rubbish talk.

She stood up in anger, in spite of her injured leg.

"Please leave right now. Go. From now on, we are done with you. I don't ever want to see your face here ever again."

"You...." Selina was about to retaliate, but Colin stopped her, took her by the arms and dragged her towards the gate.

Just at that moment, Chad came in.

"Chad, why are you still here?"

Rachel asked. She thought Chad had taken off.

Colin and Selina stopped as they saw the young stranger pass by them.

Stepping into the house, Chad first bowed to the elders and then replied to Rachel politely.

"Rachel. I got i

round it. We got married to satisfy you and made the divorce agreement to guarantee ourselves the freedom, should it not work out."

Now that her secret had been uncovered, she decided to tell her mother everything.

Rachel's phone rang again.

She still didn't pick up.

She was not in the mood to talk to Hiram right now.

Today she was humiliated by her aunt because of the divorce agreement. Why was the agreement lost? And why was her aunt able to get a copy?

It was Hiram's fault. Hiram was the one responsible for all this.

"Who's calling? Is that Hiram?" Fannie asked, seeing Rachel hanging up the phone.

Rachel nodded.

"Now that I have known the truth, I have just one question, what's the situation between you and Hiram now? Tell me the truth." Fannie asked while looking at the keys in Rachel's hand.

Rachel knew she couldn't hide anything from her mother. "The original divorce agreement has already been sent to the court, but we haven't gotten the divorce certificates yet. So I am not sure whether we are divorced or not."

"Oh, so it is true! Do your parents-in-law know about this?" Fannie sighed. She needed to make sure whether Hiram's parents already knew anything about it. If they did, things would become more complicated.

Rachel shook her head and said, "No, we haven't told them yet."

At this point, her phone rang again. She had gotten annoyed and turned off her phone.

Hiram at the other end had gotten impatient waiting for Rachel to answer his call. When he heard the beep sound from the phone again, he stood up immediately to get his jacket and was ready to get out.

Just then the fixed phone on his desk rang.


Hiram, it's mum. Are you free now? Come home when you're available. I need to talk to you." Joanna was on the phone holding some pieces of paper in her other hand.

"Okay, I'm about to leave. I will drive home right now." Hiram frowned, wondering what his mother was going to talk to him about.

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