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   Chapter 125 The Secret Was Disclosed

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Rachel pushed the gate open and went into the yard. When she saw many of the elders of the Ruan family together with Colin and his wife Selina, she froze. She hadn't seen the couple for quite a while.

What were Colin and Selina doing here? Something was up. She could feel a tight knot in her stomach.

Chad was about to leave after he saw Rachel walk into the house. He did not have to enter the family property before he could see a lot of people gathered in the yard when the door opened. He decided to stay a bit longer having a hunch that something bad was about to happen.

Chad waited and assessed the situation. Until he understood what was going on, he was going to hang around a bit longer. He did not tell Rachel about it though.

"Rachel, come over here." Fannie slapped against the table, her hand right on the copy of the divorce agreement, as she watched Rachel walk into the house. Her gaze on her daughter was a mixture of anger and confusion.

"Mom, what is going on?" Rachel's eyes swept across the room onto the serious faces of the people around her and went closer to her mother who was sitting by the stairs.

Fannie raised the agreement high enough then slammed it onto the table in front of Rachel. "You tell me the truth. Is this divorce agreement real?

And the two signatures here. Do they belong to you and Hiram?"

When Rachel saw the paper, her blood ran cold. What happened? Why did they have the divorce agreement with them here?

And how did her mother get it?

Rachel took the paper from Fannie and looked at it. She saw the sections as well as the terms and conditions. When she saw the familiar signatures at the bottom of the paper, She was......

Completely and utterly in disbelief. She frantically searched her mind for answers but none came.

This was just a copy. That meant the original one was still somewhere out there. But how in the world did they get copy of the divorce agreement and how did it end up here?

Did Hiram give it away? Did someone steal it from him?

That would be impossible. Hiram had told her that the divorce agreement had been taken away by Lydia. But Lydia had moved to the United States. If she was in possession of the agreement, how did a copy end up in her mother's hands?

The divorce agreement did not magically appear by itself and not just out of the blue. Clearly someone must have arranged the whole thing. Someone was trying to put Rachel in hot water.

"Rachel, I asked you a question, Is this divorce agreement real?. Are you and Hiram already divorced?" Fannie wanted her daughter to deny it, but she already had a bad feeling about it. Her heart sank and lost hope when Rachel kept silent for too long.

What Fannie feared had now happened. She had seen it coming and had been worried about it the most, that something bad would happen to the young couple's marriage.

And now it had been confirmed. They had indeed divorced.

Fannie had tried everything in her power to have Rachel and Hiram get married. But now her efforts had all gone to waste.


Although the signatures look real, the divorce agreement actually is not, "

Rachel said, finally a

is nothing like that! Your aunt and I received this agreement from an anonymous person!

We thought the signature looked like yours, so we brought it here."

Colin denied Rachel's allegations.

And it came as no surprise. It was to be expected. Otherwise he wouldn't get the money he was promised. And he would actually lose more.

"Aha, so is it true? You received it from an anonymous person?

You absolutely have no idea whether it is true or not. But you rashly, carelessly took this divorce agreement to your niece's home and... for no apparent reason from your end, put me in this shameful situation, in front of so many people. Am I right?"

Rachel stressed the word "niece" deliberately, pointing at herself, to remind Colin that there was still a blood relationship between her and him.

Although she broke off her relations with Selina, Colin was still her biological uncle after all. How could Colin, her blood uncle do that to her?

Colin couldn't say anything. He let out a sigh and looked around the family yard.

Rachel sneered and said in a disappointed tone, tears welling up in her eyes, "Uncle, my father died early. You are the only brother of my father. We are supposed to be united and supportive of each other.

But what did you do?

Let's set aside the discussion about whether this divorce agreement is true or not. Even if it were true, you shouldn't have been the one to expose this in front of so many people.

I consider this an attack against me, as if you are determined to bring me down. It is ridiculous that you are trying to do that using a piece of agreement but you can't prove its authenticity.

Whatever, this marriage or divorce is between me and Hiram. I don't know why you are so interested in it. Do you want me out of the picture so that Vicky could swoop in and get married to Hiram?"

Rachel said, looking at Colin with tears streaming from her eyes.

Seeing Rachel so heartbroken and vulnerable, the elders sighed, feeling sorry for Rachel.

Simpson, Rachel's father died early and without him around, Colin could easily and openly bully her!

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