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   Chapter 124 Announcement Of The Divorce Agreement

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Selina sniffed, like she didn't care at all. She stared down at Fannie and retorted, "Wow, wow, wow! Look who's being cheeky now? You're the one who bumped into the car. And now you blame me for pushing you? If I had pushed you, I would have gone all the way and made sure that you were dead! So that we'll never have to see your face or hear your annoying voice complaining about me now!"

"Enough! We're a family. You two are sisters-in-law. How could you two talk to each other like that? Selina, we're your uncles and aunties. Where did you pick up an attitude like that? Mind your manners and show some respect!" Rachel's granduncle said as he knocked on his cane.

Then Colin who had been silent, walked into the room. He strode towards granduncle and put his hands on the old man's shoulders. "Calm down, uncle. They're not as bad as they sound. I agree, they both have sharp and poisonous tongues. You know, women are like that to each other, sometimes."

"Colin, if what you say is true, then you'd better ask Selina to apologize to Fannie. Rachel is Hiram's wife. She is already part of that family. These two shouldn't yak at each other and keep fighting each other. It makes this family look bad. People will think that we are a joke."

Granduncle was visibly upset as he struck the floor with his cane.

If someone told other people about how they fought within the family, how would other people think of them? They would think that the Ruan family were gold diggers and opportunists who were unable to resist temptation. They'd get a reputation of being too eager to be rich and famous and willing to do anything to achieve that.

Rumors like that spread easily like wildfire and the dignity and reputation of the Ruan Family would be gone forever! And it would take generations to recover.

Selina snorted and looked at him. "Uncle, you are wrong. Totally wrong! Who told you that Rachel is Hiram's wife?"

Hearing Selina not letting go of this topic, Fannie got angrier. She grabbed a teacup and slammed it on the table. "Selina, I am up to here with my patience for you, " she said, placing her hand below her chin. "I have been tolerant of you because you are my sister-in-law! But if you are unable to control yourself from making trouble like this, then get out of my house!"


Selina stood with arms akimbo. She showed no fear and challenged Fannie, pointed a finger at her face. "I was not afraid of you in the past. What makes you think that I'd be afraid of you now, especially after you broke your leg?"

How arrogant of this woman? Fannie was so infuriated that she landed her fist on the table. What the hell had the Ruan family done? How could they get a daughter-in-law like this?

"Ms. Zhou, please don't say things like that. Don't forget, Fannie is Mr. Rong's mother-in-law. If you anger her, what good will you get out of it?" said Emma. Emma was sent here by the Rong family to take care of Fannie. The clash between the two sisters-in-law showed the disrespectful nature of Selina and Emma felt the need to defend Fannie.

"Umm... Excuse m

watch. She was already an hour late. This was mainly because when she drove away from H City, it was rush hour. That took up a lot of time.

"Chad, can you speed up a little? My mom sounds worried." Rachel told Chad as she covered her phone with her hand.

Chad however, was already driving quite fast.

"Alright then, I'll wait for you. Don't make the driver drive too fast. Safety first!" Fannie hung up the phone. She breathed a sigh of relief and said to Selina.

"You know what, Rachel will be here soon. When she get here, she'll tell us whether this divorce agreement is real or not! No matter what happens, we will clear things up today. And it will all explode in your face.

I'm sure that Rachel isn't the kind of person that you say she is. She and Hiram are truly in love with each other. I know that! And I know that better than any of you!"

After learning that Rachel was coming, Selina got a little anxious. But she hid her nervousness and tried to act calm. She just raised her brows at Fannie. "Alright, let's wait and see! Clearly, Rachel knows what she has done."

Actually, this divorce agreement was given to Selina by someone else. Selina had no way of determining the authenticity of the document, so she wasn't sure whether the signatures on there were actually Hiram's and Rachel's.

But that person guaranteed her that the agreement was real.

Since it was provided to her in full confidence, she was sure that this wasn't just some groundless rumor.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel finally arrived. She told Chad who kept looking at her, "Alright, Chad, you can go now. Tell Hiram I'm fine. When I'm ready to go home, I'll call you to pick me up. By the way, say hello to Carl for me. Tell him to have a good rest!"

"Ok, Rachel. I will just stay until you enter the house. I promised Hiram that I would keep you safe at all times, not just on the way." Chad stood where he was. He didn't intend to leave until he saw Rachel walk into the house.

Rachel made her way to the Ruan family house and opened the door.

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