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   Chapter 123 The Family Meeting

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After reaching Tulip Palace, Rachel decided to take a comfortable bath first. She had spent so many days in the mountain, and then a few more days in the hospital as soon as she had returned. It had been a terrible experience. She hadn't even gotten a good night's sleep in the past few days.

So, she went to bed as soon as she finished taking a bath. However, it took so long for Hiram to come to bed that she got up to look for him.

First, she checked in the study room but he wasn't there.

Then, she checked in the bedroom next to the study room where she had stayed before, but he wasn't there either.

She frowned and wondered where he had gone. It was late and already time to sleep.

"What are you looking for?"

Suddenly, there was a voice coming from behind her. Rachel turned around immediately and saw Hiram standing at the stairway entrance, which led to the third floor, with several books in his hands. "Where have you been? Why haven't you come to bed?" Rachel asked.

"I went upstairs to the library to find some books. What? Can't you sleep without me?" Hiram asked, walking to Rachel. He shifted all the books to one arm and hugged Rachel's shoulder with the other. They walked to the bedroom together.

"Hiram, are you hiding something from me?" Rachel asked. She felt like something was wrong. Since they reached their bedroom, it seemed like Hiram had been deliberately avoiding eye contact with her.

'Does that mean he's having second thought about me?' Rachel thought.

Hiram laughed bitterly, held her by her shoulder and said, "Silly woman, don't you know you're torturing me?"

"Torturing you? What do you mean?" Rachel asked, confused. How was she torturing him?

Hiram exhaled and tapped her head. "Let me ask you a question. How many times have I touched you since we had sex for the first time? Now, since you're still not fully recovered, I can't bear to force you. Have you ever considered my feelings?"

Rachel stretched out her fingers one by one and actually started to count the number of times that he had touched her. She remembered the first day and said, "Forget about the other days, on the first day itself we have..."

"First day can only be counted as one time, " Hiram yelled, cutting her off. He had yelled so loudly that he almost lost his voice. Rachel could sometimes be so lovely and other times be so exasperating.

"Okay, we can have a try tonight, " Rachel said, puckering up her mouth at him. She was wondering how he could blame this on her.

If it hadn't been for his Satanic psychotic attack that had cast a shadow on her, why would it be so painful today?

"Are you sure about that?" Hiram asked.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened and his face broke into a

ht to the Rong family. And my leg is broken because of them, "

Fannie said, letting out a shaky breath.

"So that's why! Colin and his wife have such characters. Even though they don't come back here often, everyone is clear about their true nature. After all, it is almost everybody's dream to be somehow connected to the Rong family, "

The aunt said, nodding her head as she thought it over.

"Fannie, leave it. They tried to mess things up, but you're okay now, and they are not going to change anything. It is a good thing that Rachel and Hiram have gotten their marriage certificate. They are legally husband and wife now, " another aunt chipped in.

"That's just the way it is. Of course Colin's family would be jealous. They're just not that lucky, " a third aunt said.

Everyone was familiar with Colin's character. They knew that when he heard the news, he would feel only regret in his heart for not having been in touch with the Rong family earlier. It was all fate.

Anyway, this kind of thing couldn't be forced! It was all about fortune.

Suddenly, two unexpected visitors appeared at the door.

"Fannie, you're too unkind. How could you have a family meeting to criticize us when we were absent? If we were not here now to interrupt you, would you eventually claim that we're murderers?" Selina said to Fannie.

As they walked in without invitation, Selina clicked her tongue and added to Colin, who was behind her, "Colin, did you hear that? Is that what they call 'family'? Would family members say bad things about us behind our backs?"

Watching them in action, Fannie was furious, but she just smiled and said, "Colin and Selina, you're back just in time. I thought that you might be too ashamed to come back here anymore. But now, it seems like I've overestimated your sense of shame."

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