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   Chapter 121 Private Home Cuisine

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Rachel leaned on his shoulder, twiddling her thumbs uneasily. She wanted to respond but she didn't know how to express herself.

Hiram didn't hear the answer he wanted. "Why the silence? If you're reluctant to forgive me, don't force yourself to do it. It just shows that I haven't done enough. I'll try my best to make you accept me. And I believe that by then, you'll give me a positive answer without hesitation, "

Hiram said while gently caressing her long hair.

At a famous restaurant for private home cuisine in H City.

Daniel had invited the six people who had gone to Cliff Mountain with him, and everyone had turned up except the older engineer, who didn't come because he was still feeling under the weather after returning from Cliff Mountain. Besides, he was busy with work.

Hiram had also invited the veterans to dinner. They were sitting at another table. Although Hiram had paid them a high remuneration, he wanted to give them a treat to show his gratitude for saving his life at such a critical time.

"Yummy. This dish tastes really good. Hiram, try this!" Rachel took a bite of the dish. It was crunchy and had a mixed flavor of sweet and sour. It was so delicious! She picked up a piece of it and put it on Hiram's plate.

"The doctor suggested that you eat light food. Greasy food can't be digested easily. Take good care of yourself. You just recovered from a high fever." Hiram couldn't help reminding her when he saw her eat a lot of greasy food.

Rachel had been put on a drip for two days, which had caused a slight damage to her stomach. If she kept eating greasy food, she would feel uncomfortable later.

Rachel barely tucked a piece of fish into her mouth when Hiram said that. But she pretended not to hear his words and kept chewing. When she was in the hospital, all she could eat was mild soup. She really wanted to eat something with flavor.

"Wow, it's quite rare to see Mr. Rong care for other people. But you don't worry about that because I already told the chef not to put too much oil and flavor in the dishes!" Daniel filled his glass, raised it and drank a toast to Hiram.

Hiram took a sip of red wine. He was also a little surprised. If he hadn't been teased by Daniel, Hiram wouldn't have realized that he had become so thoughtful.

Reminding Rachel of watching her diet was because he cared for her heath. He never fretted when Rachel quarreled with him, but he had been agitated when he saw her lie on the sickbed listlessly.

He always hated people who continuously reminded him of something when he was eating and doing work.

However, he had become one of them.

Rachel pulled his fingers slightly and murmured, "I know. I'll have a proper diet and won't eat too much."

n and Emma who had been arranged by Hiram to take care of her, because they were really nice and helpful.

"Oh, mom, can anyone belittle their own daughter like you?" Rachel laughed and pressed her face against the car window, trying to get a closer look. Hiram was still speaking on the phone, but he had put on a cold look to avoid the harassment from the girls.

"You'll come back the day after tomorrow? That's great! Your granduncle and grandaunt are also at home. I think it's time to have a family meeting. I can't bear what I have suffered silently. Besides, we can't let your uncle distort the facts before we even tell them what happened, " Fannie said.

If Colin came back and twisted the truth first, it would be difficult for Fannie and Rachel to explain the whole thing.

So, it was necessary for Fannie to announce that Rachel and Hiram had gotten married to the elders first. She couldn't conceal it any longer.

"Okay, you're right. I promise I'll come back the day after tomorrow!" Rachel opened the car door and said hastily, "Mom, I have something to deal with here. Talk to you later!"

After hanging up the phone, she got out of the car and walked towards Hiram.

It was a hot summer night and there were many bars on the street, so people were coming and leaving continuously.

There was a gentle summer breeze outside, so Daniel was chatting with Chad and Gary on the street instead of getting into his car. But he soon found himself surrounded by girls, much to his delight.

Meanwhile, Hiram had been smoking a cigarette as he talked on the phone. He finally hung up, then extinguished the cigarette end and threw it into the dustbin before heading towards the car.

But just when he had taken a step forward, a girl suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his way. She seemed drunk.

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