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   Chapter 120 What’s Wrong With The Flowers

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Shirley lowered her head without saying anything.

Seeing that things weren't going as expected, Miranda grabbed Shirley's hand and dragged her away from Hiram. "Please don't be mad at a little girl. We're leaving right now, " she said. "And Carl, Take care of yourself. We'll visit you later."

Miranda dragged Shirley towards the door. She wanted to get out of there as soon as possible before Shirley said something that would make things even worse.

Shirley glared at Rachel as she was leaving the ward. If looks could kill, Rachel would be dead already.

"Uh-uh, this little beast isn't tamed yet. You remind me of the first time I met you several years ago." Daniel took a step forward, blocking Rachel from Shirley's sight.

"It's all my fault, Mr. Zhuo. Please excuse us. See you, " Miranda said with a sincere smile on her face. She finally managed to drag Shirley out.

Silence returned to Carl's ward when they left. Everyone in the room felt a little awkward.

"I'm going back to my ward. See you later, Carl, " Rachel said, breaking the silence. She turned around and walked to the door.

Seeing her leave, Daniel passed the bouquet to her. "Wait a second. Here, I bought you some flowers on my way here. Please take them to your ward. They may bring you good luck."

Rachel took the bouquet and said, "Thank you. It's so sweet of you." Then, she left the ward.

Chad coughed to clear the awkward silence. He took the things they had brought for Carl and laid them out on the table.

After returning to her ward, Rachel threw the bouquet onto the table. She climbed onto the bed and sat there with her arms around her knees, deep in thought.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Hiram came in.

"Okay, let's get over this. Shirley has talked like this since she was a little girl. Don't be mad at her, and don't take her seriously, " said Hiram. He walked to her and pulled a chair over to sit down.

Rachel didn't move. She looked directly ahead even though there was nothing to see. All of a sudden, she reached out for the bouquet and started tearing the flowers. She said coldly, "Don't you know? Every woman who has a crush on you takes me as a thorn in the flesh. Do they all have to hate me? How many enemies do I have then?"

Rachel ripped the bud from one of the flowers in her hands. The flower was beautiful, and there was nothing wrong with it. But since it would die away sooner or later, she thought it was okay to vent out her anger this way.

Watching her tear the flower apart, Hiram couldn't help but laugh. On their way to the hospital, Daniel said that it wouldn't look good to come here empty-handed. Since there was a flower store on the way, he had bought the bouquet.

Little did he know that his flowers would be used by Rachel to vent out her anger.

He asked Rachel, "What should I do? Let me think it over. Maybe I could scratch my face with a knife. No woman would bother to look at me if I have a scar on my face. What do you think, honey?"

Rachel reached for a pink rose this time and began tearing it. She glanced at him and said, "That does make sense. But I think qu

gh to her.

"I'm sorry for the interruption! I forgot to knock. Maybe I should come in again. This time, I'll remember to knock, " Daniel said mockingly. Feeling embarrassed, Rachel buried her head deep into Hiram's arms. She wasn't going to raise her head as long as Daniel was there.

Hiram pinched her red cheek and murmured, "Don't be shy! I'm your husband. There's nothing wrong in us kissing."

He then turned to Daniel and asked, "What's the matter? We're having dinner together?"

"Yup, I've made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. I've already invited Gary and others. What about you two? Coming with us?" Daniel was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed and waiting for Hiram's response.

Rachel raised her head immediately when she heard that she could go out to have dinner. She had put the awkwardness of being seen kissing Hiram into outer space. She said with shining eyes, "I'll go with you!"

She had been bored to death for two whole days. She was so desperate to leave and get some fresh air. She was finally getting a chance to go out.

Hiram couldn't take his eyes off Rachel. He told Daniel, "Text me the address. We'll come later. See you then."

"Okay, no problem! See you two!" He turned around and left, remembering to close the door behind him.

After Daniel left, Rachel asked Hiram, puzzled, "Why don't we go there with them now? It's getting late. We need to hurry up."

"We won't be late. It's a long night for them, " Hiram told her. He shifted closer and whispered, "Quiet! Stay with me for a moment. I haven't seen your face clearly for the past few days. I want to see you all the time."

Rachel didn't say anything. After the accident in Cliff Mountain, she didn't want to restrain her feelings. Since she obviously cared about him, why did she make a fuss of pretending she didn't?

She cared about Hiram, she cared about his safety, and she cared about where his heart was.

"Are we good now? Do you forgive me?"

Hiram asked suddenly. They had enjoyed their quiet moment for a while. His low voice echoed in the ward.

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