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   Chapter 119 The Quarrel In Ward

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Hiram sat up straight and explained, "Although her work experience is different from what we're looking for for our current program, I still want to give her an opportunity to try. Anyway, I believe in her ability."

Hearing that, Daniel's smile disappeared immediately. He seemed to be silently pondering over it. Meanwhile, the old engineer beside them said, "I think that's feasible. Forget her ability, she is hard-working, intelligent and agile. So I completely agree on letting her join us."

The old engineer was famous for only caring about ability. What made him agree was not the fact that Rachel was Hiram's wife, but that he trusted in her ability after spending all that time with her.

He thought that even though her experience didn't match what they expected for the program, she was so smart that she would learn it quickly, especially since she had so many excellent professionals like Daniel here to teach her. He believed she would definitely catch up with them very soon.

'Since she has the ability, why not let her join us?' The old engineer thought.

"All right, since you all agree with it, I have no objection as well. However, as I'm in charge of this program, I'll assign her work according to her ability. Do you have any opinion on that, Mr. Rong?" Daniel asked, wanting to draw a clear distinction between public and private affairs.

Although Rachel was Hiram's wife, if she joined the company, she would become Daniel's subordinate, so she would have to follow his orders.

Hiram furrowed his eyebrows at Daniel and said with slight smile, "Do you think I'm the kind of person who would practice favoritism? As soon as she becomes your subordinate, do what you have to do as usual. By the way, only a few people in the company know that we're married, so you don't have to worry about that."

"Yes, better we keep it that way, " Daniel said. He internally let out a sigh of relief and continued to negotiate with Chad and the others about the specific details of what they were going to do.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, As soon as Rachel finished her drip, she went to Carl's ward to give him company.

She didn't like staying in the hospital, but the doctor had said that it was best to give her liquid infusion for three days to prevent pneumonia, so she had to stay in the hospital for another day.

"Rachel, you lost, " Carl said. They were playing cards. Carl had no cards left in his hand while Rachel still had several.

Feeling bored, she put down her cards. She was confused about why she kept losing no matter how she played.

"This isn't fun at all. Why not let me win once? I was afraid you might be bored, that's why I came here to play cards with you. Don't you know that you should let me win once?"

Rachel nagged

o out for a walk." Miranda took her hand and headed towards the door.

However, Shirley was a stubborn person. She broke out of Miranda's hold and walked towards Hiram.

"Hiram, I realized that I might have gone too far, " she said. "But all I've done is speak the truth. As a man's wife, and especially as the daughter-in-law of the Rong family, it's good and virtuous to stay at home instead of following the husband around."

With Hiram, she didn't dare to speak too harsh, so instead, she looked at him with tears in her eyes, as if there were too many grievances for her to spit out.

Hiram slightly frowned at Shirley. She seemed to be so resentful of her words. Then he said coldly, "Shirley, Rachel is your sister-in-law. It's inappropriate for you to say such things to her. What's more, who gave you the right to question my decision?

It was I who made the final decision that Rachel could come with us. If you have any problems with my decision, say it directly to me."

Shirley bit her lip and bent her head down. She didn't dare to retort to Hiram. However, thinking of Lydia, she became aggrieved again and asked, "How about Lydia? Isn't it because of Rachel that Lydia stays in the US without daring to come back here at all?"

Hiram's eyes narrowed, and he replied in an even colder voice, "Who told you that Lydia doesn't come here because of Rachel? Or are you against Rachel so much because Lydia complained about her to you?

What has she said to you?" Hiram asked. "I, I... No, of course not."

Shirley shook her head immediately.

Although she often talked to Lydia on the phone and had, in fact, had conversations about Rachel, she couldn't let Hiram find out, so she denied it immediately.

"So you're saying you just said all these mean things to Rachel without any reason?" Hiram asked in an ice-cold voice.

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