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   Chapter 118 Return To H City

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Finally settled down in the H City Hospital, Rachel looked at the drip on the back of her hand. The doctor had said that her fever was quite terrible and that she needed to have fluid infusion for two days, just in case it turned into pneumonia.

Hiram was speaking to someone on the phone outside the ward. Rachel stared at the night sky through the window, knowing that he was staying up again because of her.

After a while, Hiram came in with a bowl of porridge in his hand. He sat by her bed, opened the lid of the bowl and said, "Come on, eat this. You haven't eaten anything today."

Rachel sat up, and Hiram placed a cushion behind her waist. He brought a spoonful of porridge towards her lips.

Rachel tried to grab the spoon from him, but he dodged her hand.

"What about Carl? How is he?" Rachel asked after swallowing the porridge, remembering that Carl was also in the same hospital.

"He's fine. Just a slight fracture in his ankle. He'll be okay after taking some rest, " Hiram answered as he wiped her mouth with a tissue.

Rachel reached out for the spoon with her left hand and said uneasily, "I can eat by myself. You just need to hold the bowl for me."

The infusion tube was connected to her right hand, but she could still use her left.

But Hiram ignored her and continued to feed her. "Just let me do it. You're not used to using your left hand. What if you spill the food?"

Rachel had no choice but to let him feed her. Then she looked at him with bright eyes and asked, "Hiram, do you regret it? Do you regret agreeing to take me to Cliff Mountain?"

"No, I don't. There was only one moment when I felt regret, and that was when you were in danger, " Hiram answered.

Yes. That was right. He had regretted taking her with him to such a dangerous place, but only for a split second. When he had seen how much she cared about his safety and how much she loved him, he had felt that bringing her along had been worthwhile.

Rachel raised her hand to hold Hiram's and, looking at his appearance, which showed no trace of exhaustion despite not having a good rest, said sadly, "But I regret it. I regret tagging along with you there just because I wanted to have fun."

Although the view of the sunrise and t

keep this a secret for me, " Hiram said as he looked at the wound, which was now well-wrapped.

Hardy nodded. "I know. Just take good care of your wound and have a good rest. As for Rachel and Carl, just leave them to me."

Hiram looked at the time on his phone and found that it was already late. "Thank you. I'll go home and have some rest, then I'll come back tomorrow."

Since Hiram had just gotten stitches, he didn't want to return to Rachel's ward and risk having her find out about it.

So instead, he went back home and slept. The next morning, he went straight to his company.

After arriving at Streams Company, Hiram held a meeting in the conference room.

"Mr. Rong, I will recruit a few new employees recently to contribute to our Cliff Mountain Project. We will definitely build an excellent holiday resort with a brand new model through our steady efforts and innovation!"

Daniel, who was in charge of the program, had come back from another city specially for the Cliff Mountain Project.

"I agree with him. Mr. Rong, I think that we need more fresh staff. After all, the terrain of Cliff Mountain is very unique, so we should treat it differently, " the old engineer said.

Hiram thought about it while resting his chin on one hand and knocking the book in front of him with the other. "Fine, but there's a person I want to add to the project."

Daniel, who was sorting the data, looked up at him and laughed. "May I know who the great man is?"

"Rachel Ruan."

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