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   Chapter 117 Got A Fever

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They all got into the cars and headed back to John Zhang's farmhouse. It was almost four in the morning when they reached.

"I guess all of you must be really tired. Come on in and have a rest. I've made some ginger soup for you guys. It will be delivered to your rooms later." When John Zhang had heard the news that the group had decided to climb down the mountain at midnight, he had put on his clothes immediately and started to prepare everything for their arrival.

Everyone went back to their own bedrooms. John Zhang helped Carl wrap his wound and told him to go to the hospital to have a thorough body check-up once he was back in H City.

People like Carl were strong, so they were fine. But others were weak, like the aged engineer. Their condition didn't seem good.

However, even though they didn't feel good, they didn't really want to take rest until they were back in H City. After all, this wasn't a good place for recovering.

So they just washed up, changed their clothes, had some ginger soup and went to sleep.

When they woke up, it was already afternoon, and it was time to set off for H City.

"Mr. Rong, how was your trip? I hope you had a great time at Cliff Mountain, " said John Zhang. He needed to know Hiram's opinion so that he would have some feedback to give his boss.

Chad walked over to them.

"John, we have written down all the details about this trip in our report. When we get back to our company, we will finish the rest of the work. After we prepare a proposal, our board will have a discussion. Once we make a decision, we'll let you know as soon as possible."

John Zhang nodded his head. He understood that such a big project would take time. "Okay then. Well, Hiram, would you take Jill with you?"

John was asking with an ulterior motive. Ever since Jill returned from the mountain, she hadn't said a word. Not only that, she almost never came out of her bedroom. John wanted to know what had happened to her up there.

Hiram was holding the car door open and watching Rachel get in. He glanced back at Daniel and said, "Oh, I think you should ask Daniel."

"Ah?" John Zhang looked at Daniel, confused.

Daniel was loading their lugga

g on his left ear. He thought back to their college days, when Hiram hadn't been interested in girls at all. Hiram had thought that girls were trouble makers, so there was no chance that he would hang out with one.

Even in the past two years, Hiram just treated them as acquaintances and seldom dated a girl seriously.

"That's a surprise. I thought you would be the last one to get married. I never imagined you would be the first!" said Daniel, looking at Rachel through the rear view mirror.

She was quite special, to be honest. It wasn't something you could tell at first sight, but once you started to get to know her, you would definitely find her attractive.

She wasn't hot or sexy, or even sophisticated.

She was normal. But it was exactly that that made you pay attention to her, unexpectedly and out of control.

Hiram looked at the woman lying in his arms, wondering about the fact that

It was supposed to be a fake marriage. Who knew that he would end up really falling in love with her?

"Hiram… why haven't you come back…" Rachel murmured suddenly.

She was having a nightmare about last night.

She had been waiting for Hiram the whole night, but he hadn't returned. She was alone on a cold rainy night and it was dark.

She was cold and afraid.

Suddenly, she heard a voice from far away. "I'm back. Open your eyes. I'm here!"

Hearing this, Rachel stirred from her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a white light.

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