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   Chapter 115 Down The Mountain

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Daniel knew that Jill had made loud noises on purpose last night. She was intending to make their love affair known to everyone so that the man sleeping with her couldn't deny their relationship.

But to her disappointment, that man turned out to be Daniel. Since Hiram had come to her tent and taken a look the night before last, she had assumed that the man who came into her tent last night was also Hiram. She had tried her best to please him, but it was all in vain.

Jill lingered in the tent for a while. When she finally stepped out, she told everyone that she was feeling out of it and wanted to go home. Just as Hiram had predicted, she asked for leave voluntarily.

Having done such a shameful thing, she was too embarrassed to stay there any longer.

Hiram granted her leave instantly, and arranged for a man to accompany her home.

Everybody felt relieved at Jill's departure. She was such a scheming girl that her presence made everyone feel uncomfortable.

At noon, Rachel helped Gary make the fire and cook. She seemed to be adept at doing everything. They hadn't expected Rachel, the wife of the CEO, to be so amiable, so they began to look at her in a new light.

Having been brought up in the countryside, Rachel had learned how to make a fire and cook when she was still a child. She hadn't volunteered to do anything when Jill was there, because Jill had been eager to show off.

Knowing Jill's intention, Rachel had left all the chances to her. But just because she hadn't helped around didn't mean she didn't know how to.

Now that Jill was gone and everyone was busy with their own tasks, she tried to help them as much as she could.

After lunch, Rachel prepared to wash the dishes. "Put them down, Rachel, " Gary said. "You've helped me a lot already. Now go and rest. I'll get someone else to wash the dishes."

Then he turned to Daniel and said, "Daniel, come here. Remember the bet you lost? All the dishes are yours."

Daniel walked over reluctantly and gave Gary a hateful look. "There's already someone who is willing to wash the dishes. Why bother me? Such a great friend you are!"

Rachel helped Daniel put all the bowls and dishes into a basin so that he could take the basin to the river to do the washing. "What's the bet you guys had? Tell me about it, " Rachel asked while putting the dishes away.

Gary opened his mouth to tell her but Daniel cut in immediately. "Shut your big mouth!" he exclaimed before spraying water at his face. He rolled up his sleeves and got ready to wash the di

hen, Carl urged them to hurry. "Hiram, come on. Murphy said that the rain will come soon. We have to start right now."

Rachel and Hiram walked out to see the veterans taking down their tents. The guide stopped them. "Forget the tents. Time's up. I know a shortcut. We can get down within two hours if everything goes well.

Because of the difficult terrain, we'll be trapped in the mountain when the storm comes, so let's hurry up and get down before it does."

Hiram took over immediately. "Everybody, attention please. Take only the necessary items! Everyone follow Murphy and go down the mountain immediately."

Daniel, Gary and the others all rushed over.

"Hiram, everybody is here. Let's start, " Carl said, after Chad and him counted the people who were present.

Hiram quickly arranged the team. The four veterans were divided into two groups, one at the front leading the way and the other at the back in charge of security. Then, they moved out.

After a while, the rain poured down.

It's said that it's easy to climb up a hill but difficult to climb down. And with the heavy rain, their way back became really arduous.

Murphy was right. It seemed like one night was enough for the rainstorm to completely destroy the mountain road. If they had waited till tomorrow morning, they would have been trapped in the mountain. That would have been very dangerous.

Now, they were struggling forward along the shortcut against the heavy rain and strong wind.

Everyone's nerves were on edge. Hiram held Rachel's hand tightly so that he could protect her if anything happened.

Suddenly, when they were walking down a steep slope, Carl slipped and fell down the mountain.

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