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   Chapter 114 I Can Not Escape Your Destiny

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At that critical moment, a veteran ran forward to catch Rachel. He reacted so quickly that he got there first and he did catch her.

However, his grasp wasn't very tight. Fortunately when he caught Rachel, she had the chance to claw out and get a grasp of the weeds over the edge of the cliff and stopped herself from falling.

All this happened within several seconds just before Hiram got to the scene. Daniel, Carl and the others all ran towards Rachel as soon as they heard the screaming.

Rachel was so scared that she couldn't pull herself up. She had to be hoisted up by the veteran. Her face was so pale and she was so frightened that she hugged Hiram tightly and did not let go. She held on to him trembling.

She did not dare to wonder if she had fallen down, would she have definitely been reduced to a mangled carcass?

"What the hell happened? Were you going to scare me to death? Do you know what you did just now?" Hiram scolded her because he was also so scared. Hiram was not less frightened than her. He cuddled her with his strong arms tightly, his heart beating fast and his knees weakened.

Fortunately, the veterans were all from the special forces and he had paid a high price for them. He had made a wise choice as they had delivered the qualities required for this dangerous expedition.

"Had I known this earlier, I would not have let you come with us, " Hiram said. Hiram was kind of hating himself for being too indecisive. He was not supposed to let her come, but he could not help it when she begged him so convincingly.

Jill standing beside them started to cry and said, "Ms. Ruan, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault that I did not catch you." Jill seemed very frightened and could not stop crying.

Rachel put her arms on Hiram's waist tightly. She was too frightened to loosen her hands from him. She was unable to bear such a fright that she almost forgot how to breathe properly.

Daniel squatted down and patted her on the shoulder and said, "Okay, thank God you're safe now. From now on, be more careful and don't ever go near the edge of the cliff again."

"That's right, Rachel. You almost scared me to death as well. Don't ever go near the edge of the cliff. If you want to take a rest, take it far away from the cliff." Carl beat on his own chest and sighed in relief. But there was still a lingering fear.

Chad also let out a sigh of relief. Gary who was setting the fire rack far away when the scene happened, also wiped the sweat from his brow. At that moment, almost everyone was frightened.

Hiram embraced Rachel, whose face was almost as pale as paper. And then he glanced coldly at Jill, who sat on the ground crying, and said, "You should be glad that she's okay! Otherwise, I would not only end the cooperation of this program, but also have you buried with her!"

Although he hadn't seen what exactly happened, if anything happened to Rachel, Jill had to take responsibility for it, whether she was guilty or not.

Shortly after, the tents were set up far from the cliff. Hiram carried Rachel into the tent to let her take a rest first. After all, she had gotten weak after the near-accident.

Hiram didn't leave Rachel until she fell asleep. As soon as he came out of the tent, Daniel waved to him, motioning him to come over.

What just happened a moment ago was probably already forgotten by the team. However, the scene happened to have been recorded by the unmanned aerial vehicle. Not surprisingly, every

ot expecting to see Daniel in front of her, especially not both of them naked. Although he was also good looking and had an attractive build, he would never be able to measure up to Hiram.

"Last night when I came into this tent I realized that I went to the wrong one. I was about to leave but you grabbed me and entangled me in your embrace really quickly. I tried to pull off but I could not." Daniel was bare-chested. He shrugged his shoulders and said innocently. And then he began to get dressed.

He explained to himself that since some one had sent him a fat meat, even though it might be a little greasy, he just couldn't refuse it.

"No! It should not be you." Jill could not imagine that he was the man whom she worked on so hard all night.

Daniel put on his clothes and looked at Jill with a scornful smile and said, "Jill, you gave yourself to me last night on your own, even though you didn't know that it was me. I did not force you into anything. Now if you call out for wrongdoing, should I call out the same?"

After that, he put on his shoes and walked out of the tent.

As soon as he came out, Chad was already waiting and pulled him aside to where the group was gathered, waiting for his 'report'.

"Awesome Daniel! I didn't think you'd pull it off but you did! The movements and sounds were so intense last night that they really made us want to find a crack to drill in!"

"I agree. Daniel, I will be always admiring you from now and into the future!" Gary snuggled to Daniel and said with naughty giggle.

Rachel and Hiram also walked towards them.

The noises they made last night were so loud that Rachel also heard them all. She was confused with who the man was. But now when she saw Daniel surrounded by the team, she knew he was the hero.

Hiram also laughed in a low voice and said playfully, "Daniel when we go back, I will draw you a bonus for this project which will be counted as your hard fee."

"Yo, Daniel. Congratulations on your good fortune in the love department. I think you really had an explosive night." Rachel said to him, smiling.

When they were all laughing, Daniel laughed bitterly and said, "Stop kidding me. I really don't like the noises she made. It seemed like she were forcing me to do that despite her poor skills. It was really a hard job."

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