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   Chapter 113 You Are The Only One In My Heart

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If Jill had been wearing her clothes when Hiram visited her, he would definitely have woken her and called her out of the tent. If she refused, he would have pulled her out anyway.

However, he didn't.

What did that mean?

Rachel was always sensitive but not dumb so that she easily understood what things meant immediately.

Just before saying anything, she heard Hiram saying, "Even if all women were naked in front of me, I wouldn't look at any one of them. You are the only one I care about even though you always snore and drool when you sleep. I would never move my sight away from you." Hiram cuddled her waist and said with laugh on his face.

Rachel was amused by what he said and couldn't help laughing out loud. She said, "What are you talking about? Do I really sleep in such a disgusting way?"

"It's not disgusting. I actually like it." Hiram laughed and whispered in her ear. He was glad that Rachel was in a good mood right now. And he decided to get a little closer to her to reduce her fears of his touch so that she might gradually get used to it.

However, just before he could do that, a noise came out from the brushwood. When Hiram saw who was there, he was so annoyed that his eyes darkened. "Come on, let's go back to the group, " he said to Rachel.

Just as they were about to leave hand in hand, they heard someone's voice.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt you. I didn't know you are here, " said Jill who immediately covered her eyes. And then she pulled up her clothes and strode toward the tent area.

When they returned to the camp, Others were already dismantling their tents. They had planned to climb to the summit of the mountain today. After they arrived at the peak, it would take them another two days to complete the surveys.

It didn't take long for everything to be packed and they were ready to set off towards the top of the mountain.

As they got closer to the summit, it became more difficult to go up and it really slowed them down.

Not till now did Rachel understand why Hiram had to spend one whole week on the survey. Because to get the exact and detailed topography and terrain, the one-week survey was necessary.

The project was rather huge and special which literally required them to do a deep and thorough investigation in advance.

But only, All through their journey, there was something wrong among them, Which didn't need to be said. However, everyone was very clear with that.

Jill had changed into a tight shirt. The V-neckline perfectly showed her good figure. During the climb to the top, when people who were ahead of her turned back and looked down, they would definitely see something.

All the men tried their best to avoid it, except for Daniel who was bold and looked directly at it

ountain. Everyone was happy to have conquered this peak.

At this moment she realized that it was true, that to enjoy the beauty of a place you must put yourself in it. She had seen mountains from the pictures hundreds of thousands of times, however, this was the first time that she literally felt its beauty.

Just as she was enjoying the beauty of Cliff Mountain, Jill came by, And sat beside her.

"Ms. Ruan, I want to thank you for what just happened." Jill looked at the clothes she wore and said to Rachel with a sweet smile.

Rachel smiled as usual, her sight was still on the vast green forest around them. Without looking at Jill she answered, "You don't need to thank me. After all, you were helping to pull me up."

Whether she had done it out of good will or bad, she did pull her up.

"I know you didn't do that on purpose, but still I want to thank you for lending me your clothes, " Jill said with her head bent down, with one of her hands picking grass on the ground subconsciously.

Rachel didn't say anything but held on the ground with one of her hands and was about to stand up.

Maybe she had been sitting too long or maybe it was the intense climb just now, but she felt a little dizzy when she quickly stood up.

Jill who sat beside her, quickly got up to hold her.

"Aaaargh!!!" A scream rang through the mountains. Rachel screamed out.

When she was about to stabilize her body, she felt being pushed by someone. She almost fell from the cliff in front of her.

"Ms. Ruan, hold on to me. Hurry." Jill yelled and ran to her to pull her up.

Hiram was looking at his computer at that time. When he heard Rachel scream, he looked in the direction where the scream came from. Seeing that she was about to fall off the cliff, he panicked and rushed to Rachel. He couldn't help but cry out loud.


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