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   Chapter 112 Candy Is Sweet But You Are Sweeter

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Rachel took another sip of water and screwed down the lid tight. Then she walked towards them slowly.

Daniel cast a glance at Rachel who was walking away. Daniel was intrigued by Rachel. He had thought that she was just simple-minded and shallow, but when he got to know her better, he found that she was quite savvy.

"Mr. Rong, the scenery here is beautiful, but I still think the topography is too precipitous. It's not suitable for construction!" The engineer said while pointing ahead.

Rachel took out a few melon seeds from her pocket. She followed the engineer's line of sight and took a few steps to have a closer view.

No wonder it was called Cliff Mountain. Precipitous cliffs could be seen all over the place. There was a small cliff in front and although it was in a good location, it was too high and had deep ravines. The construction would be difficult to implement here indeed.

The mountain area was not like the flat ground where there were only minor pits to fill.

However, the scenery here was truly unique, and it would be pity to give it up.

"Hiram, it looks really beautiful especially at first glance! What would you think if we dig a ditch under this to channel the mountain stream here, and then build some cliff houses here and there by using the existing advantages. It should look good! Don't you think?"

Rachel suggested, completely joking. There was no seriousness on her face. As she walked towards Hiram, she said, "I have seen such a design in a magazine. I think it is beautiful and very unique. If there is an opportunity, I would want to come and live here for a while when the construction is done!"

By the time Rachel finished talking, she was already by Hiram's side. She snuggled against Hiram and held his arm, pacifying Hiram's anger.

Hiram thought Rachel was joking when he saw the casualness on her face. But then he thought that this idea could be worth a try. The more novel the idea was, the more attractive it would be. What was more, the scenery was magnificent here. The terrain here was a wonder.

The engineer did not say a word. He seemed to be seriously considering Rachel's idea.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I was just joking. Here you are. Open your mouth!" Rachel gave a bright smile. She took out a candy from her pocket and put it into Hiram's lips.

Hiram opened his mouth and ate the candy. Pleasure could be seen in his dark eyes. The candy was very sweet just like her at this time. "The candy is sweet, but you are sweeter, "

He said in a low voice, knowing that she came over on purpose.

However, she was the only person who dared to come over.

Where there was a discussion, there would be an argument. The terrain here was excellent and he didn't want to give up on it. But the engineer thought that it would cost too much manpower and res

off and placed beside her, he looked away immediately.

"What do you say if I wake up other men and let them go to the tent to have a look at Jill in turns?" Daniel came back and made a sinister laugh. Then he sat next to Hiram.

Hiram said, "I don't mind it. But I have to take Rachel out before they do it."

"Haha......" Daniel laughed. He was just joking. He wouldn't do such a dirty trick.

But everyone knew why Jill came here. She was nothing but an item who was offered as a bribe.

Since Jill was just an item, she was supposed to be shown off to let other people see her beauty. Otherwise no one would be willing to pay for it.

The next morning.

The wind finally died out after blowing the whole night.

Rachel came out of the tent and walked towards the forest in the distance. She hadn't dared to go out for fear of something horrible hiding in the woods. She had held back peeing the whole night and was aching to discharge it.

When she stood up after passing water, she found Hiram standing beside the tree behind her and he was looking at her.

"Hiram! You almost scared me to death!" Rachel shouted in anger, coming up.

When she was about to leave, Hiram pulled her into his arms and then pressed her against the tree. A hot kiss followed immediately as Hiram pressed his lips against Rachel's.

"Why didn't you come out to see me last night?" Hiram asked panting. He had just paused from the kiss and held Rachel in his arms.

"I was sleeping!" Rachel suddenly remembered something. She looked up and stared at Hiram with her bright eyes. "What happened? Don't tell me that you came into my tent last night."

Hiram didn't say anything in response. He just bent over and kissed Rachel again. Rachel then stopped him and asked, "Wait a minute. Did you see something that you shouldn't have seen?"

She knew better than anyone how Jill slept last night.

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