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   Chapter 111 Only She Got Nothing to Do

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"Since when?" Hiram noticed her shivering. He held her shoulders and turned her around to face him. He looked into her eyes and asked seriously.

Rachel didn't answer him. Instead, she closed her eyes. She couldn't help looking back to the other night. What Hiram did really scared her. He was so desperate and violent. She would rather forget all of it if she could.

Hiram didn't get an answer. He saw Rachel biting her lip with eyes closed. She couldn't even look at him. He took a deep sigh. The evils he brought on himself were the hardest to overcome. This was talking about him, exactly.

If he had been able to control himself and not lay a finger on Rachel the other night, or if he had been able to control the times he touched her, it might be a different night now. He was overcome with regret.

"It's all my fault. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you. It won't happen again, I promise."

Hiram held Rachel in his arms tightly. He couldn't afford to lose her again. He couldn't think what he would do without her. With her around, he couldn't control himself from not touching her any more, but he knew what to do. He would give both Rachel and himself time to completely trust each other. He would wait until Rachel no longer resisted his intimacy and fully accepted him.

On the other hand, Rachel wanted to seem as normal as possible but she failed. She could not forget the hurt he caused her the other night.

"Let's go to sleep early. We will start the climb to the mountains in the morning, " she calmly said. Her heart was still rolling inside and she couldn't control it. Then she took a deep breath to calm down.

Hiram was crazy that night. But it was not fair to deny him completely.

Fortunately, Hiram was not a beast that didn't care whether she was fine or not. Although he wanted her very much, he still cared about her thoughts and feelings. Rachel was lucky, in other words.

Hiram might be tough when facing the things he didn't like, but he was soft to the ones he cared about. Maybe this was a compliment for a man like him.

Hiram nodded his head and put his hand on Rachel's head and rubbed her hair softly, "Let's go to sleep. Good night."

Then came the morning.

When Murphy, the guide, arrived early in the morning, the whole team was ready. They started their trek to Cliff Mountain.

Initially, they took cars to the bottom of the mountain. But the remaining road was not suitable for any vehicle and they had to walk the rest of the way.

Everyone collected their belongings and got out of the cars. The real journey started right here.

The mountain path was steep and rough. It was quite a challenge for people used to flat ground. But not for Jill. She also grew up in the mountains and was familiar with such terrain. She navigated through the paths quickly. Even the male trekkers who seemed stronger couldn't catch up with her.

Rachel was right behind Hiram. She knew he would be busy in the following days and she believed she could take care of herself without his help. Thus she made up her mind not to trouble him.

"Give me your hand!"

As they were climbing a steep slope, Hiram stretched out his hands to help her.

Rachel took a deep breath and gave her hand to Hiram. She didn't work out often and it was hard for her to get used to long climbs. But Rachel believed that she could adjust herself quickly. She was young and in great physical condition. It was just a matter of time.


ve been working with me for quite a while. Why haven't you learned how to control this vehicle? Why?"

"Why? You are the boss. How could I learn what you do? I dare not." Chad teased him as he kept his eyes on the computer.

"Stop talking nonsense!

Come here and I'll teach you right now. The boss is about to explode. I'm in a rush to relieve myself!" Daniel yelled at Chad. He couldn't help stomping his feet. But he couldn't leave the vehicle flying by itself. It would drop to the rocks and break.

There were women on the site. He couldn't just take off his pants right there.

"Let me help you!" Rachel walked toward him and reached out for the remote.

Daniel was glad that finally somebody could help him out. He put on a smile and prepared to hand over the remote. But when he saw that it was Rachel coming, his smile disappeared right away, "Ms. Ruan, do you know how to control an unmanned aerial vehicle?"

Rachel heard him but she just took the remote from his hands. She began to press the buttons and said, "I can manage it, but I can only make it circle around. I won't try to fly it far. Just go and come quickly. Go, go, go!"

Daniel saw that although she was not an expert on the vehicle, she really knew how to control it. He shut his mouth up and hurried into the forest.

A few minutes later, he came back and Rachel threw the remote back to him right away.

"Well done! You're so smart. All you need is just more practice. Let me teach you. I bet you'll become a master in a few days." After today, Daniel's opinion towards Rachel had changed and even offered to teach her.

"I once worked at a big event. It was huge. The place was so big that we had to depend on unmanned aerial vehicles. Of course, there was a cameraman to control it. I saw him working and learned how to control it from him." Rachel opened a bottle of water to drink. She just flew the vehicle one circle around. Later she would never have any chance to touch it again.

"Teach me? Why? What will you do when I master it?"

Rachel glanced at him with a smile. She didn't want to be the one holding the remote all day long, not to mention having no time to relieve herself when no one was available.

She turned her eyes to Hiram slowly.

Did she get it wrong? It seemed they were having a dispute.

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