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   Chapter 110 The Woman Acting The Fool

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Rachel smiled awkwardly as she looked at Hiram, who was sitting opposite her, and the seemingly eighteen or nineteen-year-old girl beside him. Then she dragged over the chair next to Daniel and sat down indifferently.

"Wow, so many dishes. I'm so hungry..." Rachel said. Then she took out a pair of chopsticks from the basket and started eating intently.

She understood that her seat was the most convenient for serving. Although she did not know why her seat was occupied by a young girl, it didn't matter. Hiram had always been quite attractive to girls. It was not surprising that the girl would sit beside him.

Daniel sized Rachel up with curiosity. 'I thought she would be jealous and angry. But she is acting so calmly. What's wrong with her?'

"Carl. This is very delicious. Have a try!" Rachel passed a dish to Carl, who was sitting on her other side.

Jill stopped looking at Rachel, turned to Hiram and said, "Mr. Rong, I grew up in this mountain area, so I am quite familiar with it. How about I lead you up the mountain tomorrow morning?"

Chad, who was on the other side of Hiram, refused, "No. We have already hired an experienced guide. He has gone around the mountain many times."

"It is different, sir. My home is right next to the Cliff Mountain, so I know it better than anyone." Jill was persistent.

Daniel ate a piece of food and nodded, "That's right. Then just go with us. We have already reached this point. Jill is very experienced. What's more, she can also accompany Rachel."

Gary pretended to cough. He was very close to Daniel, so he knew that the guy was very cunning despite his impressive skills.

"Let's go together, then, " Hiram said calmly.

Anyway, even if he refused now, John Zhang would go to him and discuss it personally later.

People are all selfish. John would never take pains to welcome Hiram if there were no chance of making a large sum of money.

He even sent his niece, who was still a high school student, to his side.

After dinner, everyone went back to their rooms. They all shared a room with another person, except for Hiram, who had a room to himself.

The conditions were poor. And it was rare to have many people come here at the same time, so there

things in arms, "Sorry Jill, I don't think I will be back tonight. You can have this room to yourself."

Then she handed her things to Hiram, "Here, hold these for me!"

Hiram didn't say a word and held her things. Rachel turned back to pick up her bag on the table, then she left with Hiram.

Jill stood at the door watching them. After a while, she finally realized that the relationship between Rachel and Hiram was not simple.

After entering Hiram's room, Rachel found that this was really the best room in the farmhouse. It was well ventilated and it had a much better view than hers.

Hiram locked the door as soon as they got in. He threw her things on the sofa, and hugged Rachel from behind, "Why didn't you come to my room before I asked you to do so? And I had to get you here. Do you still remember what you have promised me?"

Rachel looked down at the arms on her waist, feeling his warm breath on her neck, "I thought the room was for myself, but Jill came. I was too embarrassed to leave..."


Hiram grunted. He caught her lips from behind and kissed her deeply.

His eyebrows met with a frown when he felt that Rachel shuddered because of the way he was holding her.

Hiram took a deep breath to suppress his inner passions, "What's wrong? Are you afraid of me?"

Rachel bit her lip and shook her head. Since that night, she couldn't help shuddering every time he came close to her.

This kind of fear and reaction was out of raw instinct.

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