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   Chapter 109 Jill

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"Okay, cousin. You'd better go inside the house first, " Carl said after taking a look at Rachel.

When Hiram and his companions got out of the cars, they found a middle-aged man with his hair combed back waiting in front of the exquisite two-story farmhouse.

"Welcome, Mr. Rong. The journey must have been tiring. Please come on in, " the man said, before bowing to Hiram and warmly leading them into the house.

He was a local property developer who, upon hearing that some influential people were coming to town from H City, volunteered to receive them on behalf of the local real estate circle. Since he happened to own a farmhouse at the foot of the mountain, the leader of the real estate circle agreed that he should do it.

"Mr. Rong, my name is John Zhang. I'm a small local property developer. My leader asked me to receive you. If you need anything, please feel free to ask me. Although it's a remote place, it doesn't lack anything, " John said.

Hiram responded with a nod before taking a seat. Once Hiram and the nine other guests had been seated, John brought a young girl in front of them and said, "This is my sister's daughter, Jill. She's working for me during the summer vacation. Please tell her what you want to eat."

Jill was full of youth and vitality as she handed out several copies of the menu to them. Then, with a sweet smile on her face, she said, "Dear sirs, you can take a look at the menu. All the specialty dishes you can get here are already being prepared, and they'll be ready in a few more minutes. If you want to eat anything else, please feel free to tell me."

Although Jill was just 18 years old, she looked beautiful and mature. Just her perfect body shape alone would deceive people into thinking that she was much older than she really was.

Daniel lowered his head with a snicker and winked at Gary, wanting him to check Jill out. But Gary, who wasn't as audacious as Daniel, quickly lowered his head.

"Mr. Rong, it's the first time you've come to this humble place. I welcome you on behalf of all the villagers. My uncle told me that if this project succeeds, all the villages around Cliff Mountain would benefit, and the children would also have easier access to schools. So, I want to express my sincere thanks to you on behalf of all villagers, "

Jill told Hiram while ever

ho was still asleep in the car. But...

"Rachel, wake up. Dinner's ready. Aren't you hungry? I'm very hungry now!" Carl said to Rachel, who was still sleeping in the car.

Finally awoken by Carl's words, Rachel opened her sleepy eyes and stretched, only to find that it was already dark outside.

"The car stopped?" she asked, astounding Carl.

"Rachel, we have arrived, " he said. "My cousin and all the others have already gone inside the house."

"What?" Rachel exclaimed. The information was a complete surprise to her. She sat up and muttered in a low voice, "Damn you, Hiram. Why didn't you wake me up?"

Speechless yet again, Carl thought to himself, 'My cousin wanted to. But since he cares about you, he didn't forcefully wake you up.'

"I'm so hungry. Carl, let's go have dinner, " Rachel said, grabbing her bag and getting out of the car. Her stomach had been growling even while she was asleep.

After entering the farmhouse, Rachel greeted the group of people sitting in the dining hall with a nod.

Although Rachel didn't know any of them, she realized that these were the people who had been traveling with them.

Among them were four burly men who looked like soldiers.

There was also an older man who Rachel had encountered at Streams Company when Hiram had a meeting. He seemed to be an engineer.

When she saw the table laden with delicious food, she was amazed and immediately felt a great increase in her appetite.

"Rachel, you're finally awake, " Daniel said when he saw her walk in, greeting her with a smile.

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