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   Chapter 108 Leaving For Cliff Mountain

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When Rachel arrived, the men sitting inside the Land Rover all stared at her through the half-open windows.

"Daniel, is that the girl who was engaged to Hiram before they were even born?" asked one of the men to his companion. He was a chubby man called Gary. He had heard someone mention the marriage agreement made by Hiram's great-grandfather.

"Apparently, she is. Gary, have you ever seen Hiram take a girl in his car? Never. Now, not only is he allowing this woman to travel in his car, he's also willing to wait for her for such a long time. Except for his fiancee, I can't think of anyone else she might be, "

Replied the man sitting in the back seat, chewing gum. He had his feet propped up against the front seat. He looked very different from his friend. He was wearing sunglasses and a silver ear stud in his left ear.

"She's quite different from what I expected. In my opinion, Hiram's fiancee should be a delicate girl, but she doesn't look like that." Noticing that Rachel had already got into Hiram's car, Gary turned to Daniel and asked, "Do you think Hiram will bring her with us?''

Daniel Zhuo pulled his glasses down and said with a smile, "I don't think he will. You want to bet on it?"

''Accepted. I bet that Hiram will bring her. If I win, you should wash all my dishes for the whole week as the punishment, " Gary replied cheerfully. The two men always liked to have fun.


Daniel replied readily, sure that he would win the bet.

As far as he knew, Hiram had never traveled with a girl, including even his own sister. Hiram always had high standards when it came to his traveling companions. Unless she was qualified in all aspects, she wouldn't get the chance to travel with him.

Since they were going to a wild mountain, Hiram definitely wouldn't agree to bring her. If he did, she would slow things down and cause unnecessary trouble.

Rachel got into the white Benz SUV in front of the Land Rover. Hiram was inside, waiting for her.

"Start driving, " he ordered once Rachel had got on.

"We'll pass by H City, you can get off there. I've arranged a car to pick you up, " Hiram said to Rachel while reading the map in his hand. Rachel glanced at him and said nothing.

She noticed that it wasn't Carl who was driving the car, but a young stranger.

Carl was sitting in the front seat next to the driver.

"Carl, who is this young man?" Rachel asked curiously.

"He is Chad, an uncle's son. You two haven't met yet, " Carl said.

"Nice to meet you!" Chad greeted Rachel, stealing a glimpse of her in the rear view mirror.

'I finally see her.

The girl who was the reason Hiram drank alone for three days.

The girl who made Hiram sad because he couldn't get her love, ' Chad thought to himself.

After greeting Chad politely, Rachel turned to Hiram. There were at least three

ply, staring at her smilingly.

Rachel suddenly understood what he meant. She lowered her head and nodded bashfully.

Anyway, Hiram would have to keep up his end of the deal first.

As for fulfilling her promise...

She doubted Hiram would force her in front of all those people if she didn't want to meet his desire.

Hiram observed the woman sitting on his lap. Since her head was lowered, he couldn't see her eyes, so he didn't know whether she was serious or not. But he wouldn't be surprised if she broke her promise.

"Fine. But if you fail to keep your promise, I'll send you back at once, " he said to her in a low voice.

'I'm just a tool to satisfy his sexual desire. If I can't do that, I'm useless, and he can throw me back at any time, ' Rachel thought to herself.

''Why are you making such a condition? Why are you so harsh to me?"

She asked furiously. She was annoyed that Hiram thought less of her.

"If there isn't any punishment, who can guarantee that the promise will be fulfilled?" Hiram bit Rachel's earlobe slightly, and said to her softly, "Don't be mad. Take some rest. It will take us eight to nine hours to reach the destination. If I estimated correctly, we should arrive there before dark."

Rachel nodded and got down from Hiram's lap. She leaned against a back cushion, adjusting her position until she felt comfortable. Then she took out her phone to kill time.

Hiram went back to reading the map.

They only stopped once during the whole journey, to have lunch. They finally arrived at the destination right before it got dark.

Rachel was sleeping when they arrived.

"Rachel, Rachel, " Hiram called her softly. However, she just turned over and kept sleeping.

Seeing her sleep soundly, Hiram decided to leave her there for a while.

"Let her sleep here for 30 minutes, then wake her up, " he told Carl before stepping out of the car.

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