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   Chapter 106 Marry Me Again

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"My dear, don't worry about me. It's still early for dinner but I feel a little hungry. And since Lily went out, I did some cooking by myself. See, it's not a problem, " Fannie explained, trying to make Rachel feel better. Her daughter always worried too much about her.

The neighbors were nice and they would provide their help generously as long as Fannie asked. But she knew that everyone had a family and had lots of things to do. They needed to cook, sleep and go shopping, too. She couldn't expect anyone to stay by her side 24 hours a day. Besides, she didn't want to trouble any of them if she could manage by herself.

Fannie was a tough woman. She had done her best to support her family. She would rather choose to be hungry than ask for help.

Fannie's words brought tears to Rachel's eyes, but she took a deep breath to hold them back. She grabbed the bags and started emptying them. She picked the two desserts her mom would like and said, "Mom, come here. There are your favorite desserts. Grab a bit to eat. Dinner will be ready soon."

Hiram stood at the gate and didn't come inside with them. He was speaking to someone on the phone.

In no time, Rachel made her mom's favorite porridge and a couple of delicious dishes. Fannie had some steamed bread at home, which Rachel brought to the table after heating it.

"I'm sorry that it took such a long time for me to visit you, mom. I know you were missing me and waiting for me to come, " Hiram said apologetically while they were having dinner.

After Rachel had learned that the divorce agreement had been delivered to the court, Rachel and him had separated. They had taken their time to calm down and find a way to solve the problem. If it hadn't been for that, they wouldn't have let Fannie suffer alone.

"It's so kind of you to say so. Anyway, as you can see, I'm getting better and better. Lily is a good girl and she cooks three meals for me every day. But you know, we shouldn't count on others to do everything for us, so don't judge her. Rachel was overreacting. She was so protective of me that she couldn't let me do a single thing. Let her be, " Fannie said honestly.

Rachel lowered her head and stayed silent as she ate her dinner. She felt hurt after hearing what her mom had said.

It seemed Fannie had known how things would go for her the moment she asked Rachel to go back to H City. But instead of telling Rachel about it on the phone, she always said that she was fine so that Rachel could sort things out for herself.

"Don't be upset, Rachel. I've employed a nurse and a housekeeper now. They'll arrive early tomorrow morning. With their help, mom can stay here as long as she wants. I won't let things go on like this. I promise, "

Hiram told Rachel. He knew that she would be feeling terrible seeing her mother cooking her own meals with a broken leg.

"Hiram, please don't bother. I can handle myself, " Fannie objected immediately.

"Mom, I've already paid them. Don't turn me down, please. They're both professionals. Just let them do their job. I don't want you to feel ill at ease. I'll send someone to supervise them regularly. I believe they'll do a proper job, though, " Hiram added quickly.

Rachel interrupted them unexpectedly. "I think I'll take care of my mom by myself. Otherwise, I won't feel at peace at all. This is what I'm going to do."

Fannie opened her mouth to argue, but Hiram was ahead of her. "No, I disagree. You can stay here for a couple of days if you would like to. But you're my wife. Caretaking isn't what you're supposed to do. On the other hand, the people I've employed are professional. You definitely won't do better than them."

If his wife was going to do everything by herself, what was the meaning of maki

saw she lost in thought and chuckled, guessing that she was thinking about money. "What are you thinking? The antiques in this house make you envy me, right?"

Rachel nodded her head fervently without thinking, then realized that she was being too honest. She shook her head immediately.

"Marry me again. All the things here will be yours. You'll have all my assets...including myself. This is a good deal for you, don't you think?" Hiram said to her seductively. As his wife, she would have a share in all the things he owned. If she gave birth to his child in the future, she would have even more, more than she could ever imagine.

A servant came over with a teapot and two teacups. She put the pot on the table and reached out to pour tea for them, but after seeing a slight wave of Hiram's hand, she left quietly.

Hiram picked up the pot and poured two cups of tea. He passed one of them to Rachel before taking the other one for himself.

"What do I think? I'll tell you. The divorce agreement didn't mention anything that you said just now. Don't you know?" Rachel sneered back coldly.

She remembered what was written on the agreement. None of the assets Hiram owned would be shared with her. All she would get was the part Hiram had promised when they signed the agreement. How could he contradict himself so much!

Hearing Rachel's words, Hiram spit out the tea that he was drinking, then immediately coughed to hide his embarrassment. He put his tea down and tried hard to calm down. He said unpleasantly, "Yes, but what did I do later? Was I not generous enough to you?"

"Who knows! Maybe what I got was just a drop in the ocean for you. Or maybe you had other plans. Or maybe you just didn't want to hear people saying that you're mean to your ex-wife."

Rachel sipped her tea and looked up at the bright moon. She saw Hiram's face turn pale at her words.

Hiram murmured something to himself as he drank his tea.

"What are you getting at, young lady? You don't know what kind of person I am? I don't believe it. You're the little wolf that always keeps a distance from people!"

Seeing Hiram's good-looking face contort in anger, Rachel smiled innocently at him. "Dear Hiram, did I ever force you to do something I like? Or did I put a knife to your neck, threatening to kill you? I don't remember doing that, "

Rachel jeered at him. She didn't know how much she had provoked Hiram.

Suddenly, a big shadow approached her. It was Hiram. What was he going to do to her?

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