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   Chapter 105 The Sequel Of That Night

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"It seems that my plan of not having children this year is going to fail..." Hiram said.

His mother was so anxious about her having a baby. She could tell that if she didn't get pregnant within half a year, Hiram would be urged every day.

Thinking of that Rachel felt a bit shy. She lowered her head, eating and thought why the meal was so long and not finished yet?

Finally, the meal came to an end.

Not until Rachel and Joanna sent the guests away, could she go back to her own room and take a break.

It was said that to be the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family was not an easy thing which now seemed to be true.

Rachel thought she'd better rush to take a bath before Hiram came back. However, when she opened the wardrobe, she found that there was no pajamas that she could change into.

Except one... which was the silk translucent pajamas bought by her mother-in-law.

Rachel had a habit to sleep in pajamas. Otherwise, she couldn't sleep well. Finally she took the pajamas after much deliberation into the bathroom.

What would happen had already happened before. There was nothing she should be afraid of.

After bathing, she found that Hiram hadn't come back yet. She took out the hair dryer and dried her hair, and went to bed.

About half an hour later, when Rachel had almost fallen asleep, she heard the sound of the door opening.

Hiram walked in and saw Rachel was already in bed. Her eyes were closed which made Hiram think she might be asleep already. So he didn't disturb her but went out to the bathroom and take a bath.

Thinking that she might have slept soundly, he hugged her and was prepared to hold her all night long. However, when he touched on her, he was pushed away immediately.

"Are you still awake? I thought you were asleep. Since you're awake, we can talk for a while." Hiram turned her to make her face him.

"Talk about what?" Rachel turned over, pillowed her head on her own arm, pulled the quilt over herself, looked back at him and asked.

When Hiram saw that the pajamas which she was wearing looked kind of familiar, his lips lifted and he smiled.

He knew that the divorce agreement would always be a bone of contention between them. They had to face it one day, and could not ignore it forever.

"I'm sorry about the divorce agreement. That was not my intention. No matter what I have said earlier, it was not my intention, " Hiram said. As he said this, he held her hand so that he could tell whether she was angry or not.

"I don't care if it was your intention or not. What I care for is the final result..." As

Rachel thought that he had gone out to work so early probably because he wanted to make time to accompany her to XH Village.

This man always did something to move her and make it impossible to hate him.

In the afternoon, Hiram kept his promise and accompanied her back to her hometown, XH village.

When Rachel saw what Fannie was doing at home, her tears could not stop falling.

Because they hadn't started till noon, they arrived at almost 5 p.m. which was almost dinner time. When they came in, they saw Fannie cooking noodles by herself, with one of her arms leaning on a crutch and one of her legs splaying in front of the stove.


Rachel put the things she brought on the table and walked to her mother. "How can you cook by yourself?" Rachel asked her in a dumb voice. "Where is Lily? Hasn't she come to take care of you?" Rachel asked.

"Rachel? Are you back already? It's so late. I thought you might not come here." Fannie said, putting down the noodles, and wiping her hands quickly behind her back. She was a little embarrassed when she saw Hiram, who had also come.

"Hiram, I'm glad you are here. Take a seat, " Fannie said. Fannie was about to walk with her crutch to sit on her wheelchair which Rachel had conveniently pushed over towards her.

Hiram stood in the courtyard, quietly looking at the mother and daughter. At this moment, he was not able to say anything.

"Mom, tell me, where's Lily? I have paid her money to take care of you and I also paid the aunt who lives next door. Where are they? Why you have to cook by yourself?"

Her mother's leg was too injured to walk on yet. Thinking of the pain she must have been through, Rachel's eyes turned red and her heart was heavy.

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