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   Chapter 104 The Plan To Have Babies

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Rachel didn't look in the direction of the door. She cast a glimpse at Shirley.

Shirley dropped the fruit she had just picked up back onto the plate. She tidied her hair up hurriedly and stood up. Her eyes...... were bright with obvious and vehement love and were fixed on Hiram who was entering the house.

Rachel took a sip of tea before turning her head to look at Hiram who was coming towards her.

From the moment Hiram had stepped into the house, his eyes were caught by Rachel who seemed not to be very happy to see him.

He saw Rachel in a gorgeous beige floral print frock with a hemline just above the knee. Her fair and slim shanks were exposed. The high-heeled shoes she wore made her look so sexy.


The eyes she turned towards him reproachfully.

Hiram felt excitement surging inside him when Rachel looked at him. He wanted to hold her in his arms and listen to her grievance.

"Mom! Aunts! Good evening!" Hiram walked towards the seniors with a deliberate step. He apologized politely, "Sorry. There was an emergency at office that only I could handle, so I'm late."

"Amy, start to serve the dishes!" Hiram said to the house maid behind him.

"Hiram, I know you are busy, so I didn't want to ask you to come over. But the dinner today is different!" Hiram's eldest aunt said, glancing at Rachel standing at the other side of the room.

Joanna also stood up. She said to her twin sister, "All right. Let's go to the dining room to have dinner."

When the seniors left and walked towards the dining room, the young people circled Hiram.

"Hiram, your schedule is so busy. We have to wait for you to introduce your wife!" Susan bantered with Hiram with a smile.

"Susan, how could you say that? Hiram is busy. So it doesn't matter that the introduction comes late. It's not a big deal, " Shirley said and said to Hiram with a big smile, "Hiram, you must be exhausted! Get ready for the dinner then!"

Hiram slightly furrowed his eyebrows. He smiled with resignation, 'Rachel must have been teased with the same words before I came.'

There were plenty of relatives in the Rong family. It was inevitable that some of them would disagree with Hiram and his family and say something unkind. But they were relatives after all, so Hiram wouldn't create a scene with them.

"Shirley, you and others do go to the dining room first. I will come later." After saying that, Hiram looked at Rachel who was standing aside cracking melon seeds.

"We are going to the dining room now!" Miranda held her two sisters by their hands and walked towards the dining table.

Rachel didn't

nt that my mother-in-law can be present there in good health. What do you say about it, Rachel?"

Rachel took out a tissue and wiped the corner of her mouth. She nodded slightly and agreed with Hiram, "I'm with Hiram, mom. That's also what I think."

Hearing that, Joanna nodded her head and said, "You are right. Then it's settled. The wedding ceremony will be held at the end of the year. I will give you people a notice when the final date is decided."

Susan asked jokingly, "But, Hiram, what if Rachel gets pregnant before the wedding ceremony? Will it be held as planned?"

Rachel choked when she heard what Susan was asking. Hiram quickly passed a cup of water to her. He said, "It doesn't matter. As long as Rachel doesn't get too tired from the preparation for the ceremony, I don't think that will be a problem."

Nowadays, holding the wedding ceremony while carrying a babe was not strange news. Hiram didn't think it mattered to him.

The wedding ceremony was nothing but a ritual.

"Susan, you are so frank by nature with a ready tongue! If Rachel gives birth to a baby, no matter whether it's a boy or a girl, I will go to the temple of XH Village to pay my sincere respect and gratitude to God."

When Joanna heard the discussion about her future grandchildren, she couldn't hold back the pleasure and smiled.

Hiram was her only child. So she had always been expecting that Hiram would give her some grandchildren. Then she would have the happiness of being with them.

Rachel kept her head down. Joanna wanted her to give birth to a baby for the Rong family.

Hiram clasped Rachel's hand under the table and whispered a word in Rachel's ear.

A blush flooded Rachel's cheeks when she heard what Hiram said to her.

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